Rennes-Rochester Photo Contest - Wall 3

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1. Sara Qefalia—Half-timbered Houses—Rennes

the side of an old building with striped walls and a large red door as seen from a wide alley

2. John Egan—Downtown Rochester at Dusk—Rochester

sunset over rochester city skyline

3. Carrie Heusinkveld—Dusk—Rochester

sunset near dusk with bare trees and a lake silhouetted by it

4. Ryannon Starkey—Beach—Rennes

seashore beach with a driftwood fence in the foreground

5. Mirette Ibrahim—Sainte-Anne—Rennes

open air market with old buildings with decorative striped walls

6. Criswell Lavery—Rennes Traditional Architecture—Rennes

twin old buildings with red woodwork around the windows and decorating the front

7. Hongjue Wang—Fall—Rochester

fall foliage and rush rhees library in late afternoon sun

8. Deandra Green—Clock Tower—Rochester

university of rochester clock tower and buildings silhouetted against sunset

9. Deandra Green—Library at Dark—Rochester

rush rhees library tower lit up at night

10. Jillian Breithaupt—UR Clock II—Rochester

buildings and clock tower on river campus taken from the wilson quadrangle

11. Deandra Green—Flower at Hand —Rochester

pink multi-petaled flower with a dark red center with tiny yellow blossoms coming out of the center

12. Mirette Ibrahim—Parc des Gayeulles—Rennes

pond surrounded by trees with a large swath of blooming lily pads on top

13. Hongjue Wang—Fall Sky II—Rochester

sky at sunset with silhouetted trees and street lamps