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Home to over 60 percent of the world’s art treasures, and literary masterpieces such as Dante’s Divine Comedy, Italian culture and language is the perfect complement majors like art history, literature, history, music, linguistics, and education.

Learning Italian can also be beneficial to business and technology majors with an estimated 7,000 American companies do business with Italy including companies like IBM, General Electric, Motorola, City Bank and Price Waterhouse.

Italy is also a world leader in fashion, interior design, and graphic design.

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Italian Minor Requirements

The minor in Italian requires five courses, usually starting with IT 151: Intermediate Italian I. This may include IT 152: Intermediate Italian II, IT 157/207: Italian in Italy, and a variety of other options from 200-level Italian courses.

Complete list of Italian courses >

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Interdepartmental Major in Italian Studies

Students may propose an interdepartmental major in Italian studies through the Multidisciplinary Studies Center. A minimum of ten courses in Italian and related disciplines such as art history, history, music, etc is normally required.

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Italian Clusters

Italian Studies on Location (H1IT001)
Students learn about Italian culture from an interdisciplinary perspective and on location. The program is interdivisional and focuses on various aspects of Italian culture and civilization.

Introduction to Italian Language and Culture (H1IT005)
Students develop basic knowledge of Italian grammar and get an introduction to Italian culture.

Intermediate Italian Language and Culture (H1IT006)
This cluster is designed for students with basic knowledge of Italian grammar who want to enhance their speaking, listening, and writing skills in the context of contemporary Italian culture.

Advanced Italian Language and Cultural Studies (H1IT007)
Students focus on advanced language practice and Italian literature, civilization, intellectual and cultural history.

Italian Language (H1IT008)
Students acquire linguistic competency and basic cultural awareness.

Italian Culture and Civilization (H1IT009)
This cluster is designed for students who have minimal or no experience in Italian language and want to focus on Italian civilization, intellectual and cultural history, and Italian literature in translation.

Boccaccio (H1INT002)
Students read the Decameron in relation to the classical and scriptural tradition as well as to English medieval literature, medieval history, and medieval art.

Dante (H1INT003)
Students approach the Divine Comedy from an interdisciplinary perspective and explore the literary, historical, philosophical, religious, and artistic aspects of medieval Western tradition.

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Study Abroad

Study in Arezzo, Italy

The Arezzo Program in the fall semester offers sixteen credits that may be applied toward the requirements for the minor in Italian or an individualized major in Italian studies.

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Language Placement

Students with previous experience with the Italian language should address questions about the placement process to Professor Andrew Korn ( or Professor Teresa Murano ( Students who have not studied Italian previously and who are not heritage speakers of Italian may register for IT 101 without taking a placement exam.

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Contact Information

For more information contact:

Donatella Stocchi-Perucchio, Associate Professor of Italian, Head for the Italian Program, Undergraduate Advisor, Director of the Arezzo Program, Italy

Teresa Murano, Associate Professor of Instruction in Italian

Andrew Korn, Lecturer in Italian

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