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Undergraduate Program

Past Honors B.S. and B.A. Papers

2019 Honors Papers:

2018 Honors Papers:

2017 Honors Papers:

  • Charlotte Aten: The Topology of Magmas.
  • Noah Chrein: Enriched Coproducts and the Twisted Adjunction.
  • Benjamin Dees: Analogs of the Erdos integer distance principle in vector spaces over finite fields.
  • Adam Lott: Roth's Theorem on Arithmetic Progressions.
  • Lee Murphy: The Jordan-Brouwer Separation Theorem.
  • Daniel Rubery: On a finite field analog of the bilinear spherical averaging operator.
  • Emily Windes: The Frobenius Theorem and Foliations.

2016 Honors Papers:

2015 Honors Papers:

2014 Honors Papers:

  • Peihong Jiang: Controlling generic formal fibers of polynomial rings.
  • Ari Stoller: Conjugacy classes and irreducible representations of metacyclic groups.

2013 Honors Papers:

2012 Honors Papers:

  • Xiaoqing Tang: Simple proof of the Guth-Katz joints theorem.