Tanya Bakhmetyeva Headshot

Bakhmetyeva, Tanya

  • Professor of Instruction, History
    Professor and Associate Academic Director of the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Interests: Russia; Soviet Union; Gender; Masculinity; Nature; Science (glaciology)

Molly Ball Headshot

Ball, Molly

  • History Lecturer


Interests: Brazilian History; Latin American History; Economic History; Immigration History



Thomas Devaney Headshot

Devaney, Thomas C.

  • Associate Professor of History
  • Associate Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

Interests: Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe; History of emotions; History of the senses; Urban History; Interfaith Relations; Popular culture


Thomas Fleischman Headshot

Fleischman, Thomas

  • Associate Professor of History
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies

Interests: German History; Environmental History; Animal History; Agricultural History; State Socialism; Cold War

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Flores, Ruben

  • Associate Professor of History
  • Department Chair

Interests: US and Mexico Studies


Gerald Gamm Headshot

Gamm, Gerald

  • Professor of History
    Professor of Political Science


Interests: Political Science; American History


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Hayata, Michael

  • Visiting Assistant Professor

Interests: Modern Japanese History; Japanese imperialism; Race; Indigeneity, and settler colonialism; Theories of capitalist development


Michael Jarvis Headshot

Jarvis, Michael J.

  • Professor of History
  • Director of the Digital Elmina Project; Director of Smiths Island Archaeology Project


Interests: Public History and Museum Studies; Early American and Atlantic History 1450-1850 (Transnational); Material Culture and Historical Archaeology (Transnational); Digital History


Matthew Lenoe Headshot

Lenoe, Matthew E.

  • Associate Professor of History
  • Graduate Career Advisor

Interests: Russian and Soviet History; Stalinist Culture and Politics; History of Mass Media; Soviet Soldiers in World War II; Russia in East Asia; Leninism in World History


Elias Mandala Headshot

Mandala, Elias C.

  • Professor of History

Interests: Southern Africa since the 19th Century; Social History


Jean Pedersen Headshot

Pedersen, Jean

  • Professor of History
    Professor of Humanities, Eastman School of Music

Interests: Modern European History; French History; Feminist Theory, Women's History, and Gender Studies; Philosophy of Science; Sociology of Knowledge; History of Academic Disciplines

Morris Pierce Headshot

Pierce, Morris

  • Adjunct Professor of History


Interests: Early Modern Europe; History of Technology


Mical Raz Headshot

Raz, Mical

  • Charles E. and Dale L. Phelps Professor in Public Health and Policy
    Professor of History
    Professor of Clinical Medicine in the School of Medicine and Dentistry

Interests: History of Medicine and Health Policy

Joan Rubin Headshot

Rubin, Joan S.

  • Dexter Perkins Professor in History
    Professor of History

Interests: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Cultural and Intellectual History; The History of the Book


Pablo Sierra Silva Headshot

Sierra Silva, Pablo M.

  • Associate Professor of History

Interests: African Diaspora, Latin American and Atlantic History

Laura Ackerman Smoller Headshot

Smoller, Laura Ackerman

  • Professor of History

Interests: Medieval and Renaissance Europe; Medieval Christianity; Early Science and Medicine; History of Astrology and Prophecy


Brianna Theobald Headshot

Theobald, Brianna

  • Associate Professor of History
  • Director of Graduate Studies

Interests: U.S. Women's and Gender History; History of Native America; History of Reproduction


Stewart Weaver Headshot

Weaver, Stewart A.

  • Professor of History

Interests: Modern British History; Himalayan History; Environmental History