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Department of History
364 Rush Rhees Library
PO Box 270070
Rochester, NY 14627-0070

Phone: (585) 275-2053
Fax: (585) 756-4425






Department Chair 

Laura Ackerman Smoller(585) 275-7721Rush Rhees 369A

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Pablo Sierra Silva(585) 275-8354Rush Rhees 458

Director of Graduate Studies

Thomas Devaney(585) 276-6861Rush Rhees 452

Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Coordinator

Jacquilyn Rizzo(585) 275-2052Rush Rhees 365

Department Secretary, Graduate Coordinator

Chelsea Kuhn(585) 273-2053Rush Rhees 364

Office Assistant

Sarah Murphy(585) 273-5228Rush Rhees 364

Office Assistant

Tessa Vande Creek(585) 273-5228Rush Rhees 364

Office Assistant

Andrea Tsao(585) 273-5228Rush Rhees 364