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Undergraduate Program

Research Opportunities

The Department of History offers the HOUR program for undergraduate students interested in research. In this program, students collaborate with department faculty on their scholarly work.

Each semester, students may apply to assist members of the history faculty who would like help on their research projects. This program provides real, valuable research experience working with a variety of historic documents and evidence. Students may receive compensation in the form of either:

  • An hourly rate of $11.25, . N.B. Students who are being paid with department funds, instead of out of an individual professor’s research account, will be limited to payment of up to $337.50 (30 hours) a semester or during the summer.

  1. Credit for HIS 395: Independent Research, providing the student completes a substantial writing assignment based on their research. If you choose this option you must:
    1. Devise a syllabus with the professor with whom you with
    2. Register for the course online
    3. Ensure you complete this before the University deadline 

Please fill out an application and submit it online. If you want to work for a professor with whom you have not taken a course, you must also submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty member who has taught you. Letters of recommendations can be sent to the Department of History office or submitted electronically to