Affiliated Institutes and Interdisciplinary Programs

Susan B. Anthony Center

The Susan B. Anthony Center is named in honor of the famous suffragist, who was also instrumental in making the University of Rochester a co-educational institution in 1900. The institute offers courses, programs, and grants for students interested in women's history, sexuality, and gender studies.

Current history faculty affiliated with the Susan B. Anthony Institute include professors Elias Mandala and Joan Rubin

Frederick Douglass Institute

The Frederick Douglass Institute was established in 1986 to promote research and learning in African and African-American studies. The institute is a valuable resource for the research of African and African-American history and offers several grant opportunities for visiting scholars as well as for students at the University of Rochester.

History department faculty affiliated with the Frederick Douglass Institute include professors Joseph Inikori and Elias Mandala

Skalny Center

The Skalny Center, part of the Department of Political Science at the University of Rochester, offers many opportunities for historians. The center is associated with the Jagellonian University of Krakow, Poland. Visiting faculty from the center have offered history courses on topics such as immigration history and the history of Poland.

Associate Professor of History Matthew Lenoe is currently a member of the center's academic council. 

Humanities Center

The Humanities Center examines human culture in its many forms: literature, language, media, philosophy, religion, history, anthropology, visual and performing arts, and more. The center, located in Rush Rhees Library, is a hub for interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration and offers programs for faculty, students, and the public.

Professor of Art History Peter Christensen succeeds Joan Rubin, the Dexter Perkins Professor of History, who has led the center since its inception in 2015.