Summer Program in Procida, Italy

Opening Ceremonies celebrating Procida as Cultural Capital of Italy 2022’

The ceremony, inspired by the myths of the sea, was streamed across Italy. A great number of the islanders and more than 200 performers participated in the day’s events. The University of Rochester ran a summer experiential and service learning study abroad program on Procida for four consecutive years prior to the pandemic."

A group photo in Procida.

Spend your summer doing volunteer work while learning Italian on the island of Procida in the Bay of Naples! Below is information on:

Please note that all information about this program is tentative and subject to change. Check with the program director for the most recent information.

Program Dates and Deadlines

A group of students posing for a photo.

The program dates for the 2023 Summer Program in Procida are May 14 through June 9.

Enrollment is now open. Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Once program capacity is reached students will be placed on a wait list.

The deadline for applications with consideration for the Lisio and Burton Awards is February 1, although late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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About Procida

A group photo in front of a pink wall.

Procida is the smallest island to be found in the Gulf of Naples. Situated between Capri and Ischia, off the coast of Cape Miseno, its history dates back to the earliest Greek settlements in the area from the 17th century BC. Today it represents an ideal hub with the entire area of the Phlegraean Fields.

The island has a centuries-old history of maritime activities. Famous for its ship builders, sailors, and fleets, Procida is still home to one of the most important nautical institutes in southern Italy, with which we will offer important exchange opportunities.

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Program Overview

A scenic view of Procida from the water.

The program is focused on service learning. Students will be divided into groups to work, alongside their Italian counterparts, in the sustainable social gardens on the island and on the shores of the Mediterranean. Formal Italian instruction and cultural excursions will make up a fundamental part of the cultural competency segment of the program. Afternoons and evenings are usually free for taking a late swim, enjoying all aspects of life on the island. Planned activities may include a day's sail around the Bay of Naples with stops in Capri and Ischia, kayaking around the island, and a visit to the Phlegraean Fields. Weekends are free for personal activities or optional trips to nearby sites of interest, including Naples, Pompeii, and Herculaneum.

Students receive four credits in Italian language and culture (ITAL 107 or ITAL 157) or environmental humanities (EHUM 107 or EHUM 157). All work counts towards a minor in Italian.

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No previous Italian language study is required.

A group photo on the beach.

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A group photo with the ocean in the background.

Students will reside in efficiency apartments with full working kitchens. A welcome dinner, mid-program dinner, and farewell dinner are provided along with lunches on workdays. Students enjoy special discounted fixed-price menus at several of the local restaurants.

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A group of students touring a building.

Students will arrive in Rome, Italy, where they will be met by the program director to travel to Naples to take the ferry to Procida. The first days will be dedicated to orientation on the island and an intensive "survival Italian" course. Excursions will include:

  • The Palazzo D'Avalos, later famous penitentiary on the island
  • The fishing village of Corricella
  • Naples, the Darwin-Dohrn Museum
  • Pozzuoli, Rione Terra
  • Ischia, the Aragonese Castle

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Fellowship Aid

A group of students holding hands in a circle.

The Modern Languages and Cultures' Mildred R. Burton Fund, as well as the Lisio Award help defray costs for Rochester undergraduates studying language abroad in the summer. All students are considered for aid through the Burton Fund unless they request otherwise on their application.

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Program Cost and Application

A group of students touring a building.

The program fee is $4,400 and includes:

  • Tuition (four credits)
  • Residence accommodation in Procida
  • All local transportation and museum fees
  • Some meals
  • Instruction
  • Excursions

Transatlantic airfare, incidentals, and most dinners are not included in the program fee.

Tuition and program costs will be added to your official tuition bill. For information on payments and deadlines, please refer to you official billing statement from the Office of the Bursar.

Interested in studying in Procida, Italy? Apply here!

The deadline for applications with consideration for the Lisio and the Burton Awards is February 1, 2023, although late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis until.

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"The Experiential Learning program in Procida, Italy is unlike any study abroad experience. It is one thing to travel to a country to learn the language but it is another to be embedded into the community and make a mark amongst its people, culture, and history. This is what the “experiential learning” of the program accomplished.

Procida is an island off the coast of Naples with a population of around 10,000 people, so it’s not hard to be recognized as the “group of tourists” on the island. However, after all the community engagement and hospitality of the locals, we transformed from being tourists of the island to being a part of it. Every day was busy with a new experience awaiting. We were working at a local elementary school where we helped clean and rebuild their sustainable garden. We visited the island’s events and sights that exposed us to its rich culture and history. We were even invited to learn about the island’s sea life by marine biologists. The work was fun and challenging. There were early mornings, late nights, and demanding physical work but it was always rewarding. Despite the challenge, there was an adventure with a learning opportunity at every turn.

We also had amazing leisurely activities. My personal favorites were going kayaking, sailing through the Mediterranean, and hiking up the highest mountain in Ischia (a neighboring Island). We did more in this month than I ever expected when I looked into the program. To say the least, this program was a unique experience that will open anyone’s eyes to the wonders that the world has to offer. I myself have become more inclined to explore the world and would like to mold my life and career so I can accomplish these goals. I encourage anyone who is interested in a challenging but rewarding experience to apply to the program. You won’t regret it!"

Zelalem Alabo
University of Rochester ‘18
Digital Media Studies

For more student testimonials see the Procida pilot program article (pdf).

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For more information, contact:

Donna Logan
Procida program director

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