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Korean is the official language of South Korea and North Korea. Korean is spoken by approximately 80 million people around the world, including large ethnic Korean communities in China, Japan, the United States, and Central Asia.

Learning Korean can help give students a competitive edge when applying to jobs or graduate programs. In addition to developing Korean language skills, students also explore Korean history and culture, which stretches back thousands of years.

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Korean Language Courses

KOR 101: Elementary Korean I
KOR 102: Elementary Korean II
KOR 151: Intermediate Korean I
KOR 152: Intermediate Korean II
KOR 201: Advanced Intermediate Korean I
KOR 202: Advanced Intermediate Korean II

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Korean Cluster

The department currently offers one Korean cluster in the humanities academic division.

Korean Language (H1KOR001)
This cluster focuses on the study of Korean at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. Any three consecutive courses in the language sequence can be chosen.

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Language Placement Information

Students who have no or limited background in Korean can take KOR 101. Students who are not sure about their proficiency or who are interested in taking a class beyond KOR 101 should contact Professor Myounghee Cho at for an interview and/or a placement test.

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For more information about Korean study, contact Myounghee Cho at


Myounghee Cho, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Korean

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