Faculty Research

Students may participate in research projects with our faculty in one of two ways: as part of an independent study; or as a research assistant.

The objectives and content of independent study courses are determined in consultation between students and faculty. The purpose of such courses is to provide opportunities for independent study of subject matter not included in the regular curriculum or ideas and concepts a student wishes to pursue in more depth. Independent studies normally include a capstone research paper, a series of written papers, or a translation project. For more on independent studies, click here.

Undergraduate research assistants perform a variety of tasks, from bibliographic work, copyediting, and scanning documents to engaging with the professor's research topic in more content-oriented ways; from setting up web-based content for courses to more substantive contributions to faculty research projects. Each assistant sets up the parameters of his or her work with the individual faculty member. Research assistants may receive university credit or, in some instances, are paid for their work. Additionally, all research assistants are acknowledged in published scholarship. To learn whether work as a research assistant is a possibility in any given semester, talk to a professor whose research field and current work interests you.