Rennes-Rochester Photo Contest - Wall 1

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Local Culture & Student Experience

1. Carrie Heusinkveld—Entrance—Rochester Student Experience

zodiac painted domed ceiling in rennes, frnace

2. Zophia Dadlez—Rochester in Snow—Rochester Local Culture
 girl in yellow coat walking on a snow covered path

3. Carrie Heusinkveld—Pont de Rennes—Rochester Student Experience

pont de rennes bridge at sunset

4. John Egan—Eastman Theater—Rochester Student Experience
 panorama of inside eastman theater

5. Carrie Heusinkveld—Wall Therapy—Rochester Local Culture

mural of woman's face on the side of a house in shades of blue and green 
6. Mirette Ibrahim—Public Market—Rennes Local Culture

public market in rennes, france

7. Mirette Ibrahim—Flower Sale—Rennes Local Culture

flowers on sale at outside market

8. Criswell Lavery—Public Market Flowers—Rennes Local Culture

up close of flowers on sale at public market

9. Fatima Shah—Snowfall—Rochester Local Culture

girl standing in a snowy forest clearing

10. John Egan—Christmas at Eastman Theater—Rochester Local Culture

tall christmas tree decorated and on display in center of hallway at eastman theater

11. Carrie Heusinkveld—Spiegeltent-Fringe Fest—Rochester Local Culture

inside a tent a spiegeltent-fringe fest, lit with orange and purple spotlights

12. Sara Qefalia—Fête de la musique—Rennes Local Culture

small band performing on street outside some shops

13. Carrie Heusinkveld—Memorial Art Gallery—Rochester Local Culture

multilingual light-up projected text display outside old building