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Below is a list of recently offered undergraduate courses. Not all of these courses are offered in any given year, and there may be other courses offered some years. Check the course schedules/descriptions available via the Registrar's Office for the official schedules for the widest range of terms for which such information is available.

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This course is designed for students who have no or limited background in Korean. It introduces students to the sounds, basic sentence structures, and the writing system of Korean. Emphasis will be on developing listening and speaking skills, as well as building vocabulary. Cultural aspects of the language will also be focused on to enhance students' understanding of the language. Students must register for the corresponding recitation.

Last Offered: Fall 2016


This course is the continuation of KOR 101. This course will offer students the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and to improve further conversational and grammatical skills beyond those learned in KOR 101. Focus will be on developing listening and speaking skills for everyday personal communication and developing sociocultural knowledge for interactional competence in Korean. This course consists of lecture and recitation. The terms “lecture” and “recitation” conventionally used to identify the sections have a purely bureaucratic significance and do not reflect in any way the pedagogical approach of the course.

Prerequisites: KOR 101 or permission of the instructor
Last Offered: Spring 2017


This course is the first half of the intermediate course designed for students who have an equivalent proficiency level with KOR 102. Focus will be given to expanding knowledge of Korean vocabulary and grammar, enhancing communicative ability that was built in Elementary Korean, and deepening the students’ understanding of Korean culture and society. Students must register for the corresponding recitation.

Prerequisites: KOR 102 or instructor's permission
Last Offered: Fall 2016