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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Studies Committee

The Chemistry Undergraduate Studies Committee (USC) consists of several chemistry faculty and our undergraduate program coordinator. They serve as academic advisors and handle undergraduate student concerns including declaration of a major or minor, petitions for waiver or substitution of program requirements, and other curriculum or program questions. 

Faculty members listed below have primary responsibilities for undergraduates studies.  All committee members are "authorized signatures" for required paperwork to declare a major or minor in chemistry. Requests for transfer of course credit should be directed to Deb Contestabile

While a member of this committee is a good place to start if you have questions, students should also feel free to contact any of their professors, or one of our chemistry peer advisors with questions.  

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

d.contestabileDeb Contestabile
Administrative Assistant,Chemistry Department
Hutchison 404D
(585) 276-3663


Faculty Advisors


Professor Joshua L. Goodman
Chair, Undergraduate Studies Committee
Hutchison 460
(585) 275-4891
Interests: Mechanistic Organic Chemistry


Dr. Benjamin Hafensteiner
Hutchison 124
(585) 275-1936
Interests: General and Organic Chemistry


Professor Thomas R. Krugh
Hutchison 459
(585) 275-4224
Interests:  Biophysical chemistry; structural analysis of biomolecules, energy minimization and molecular dynamics calculations


Prof. John-Carl Olsen
Hutchison 104
(585) 275-8308
Interests:  Chemical education; topologically non-trivial molecules and metal-ligand assemblies; nanoparticles for drug delivery; total synthesis


Professor Wolf Udo Schröder
Hutchison 466
(585) 275-8263
Interests:  Dynamics of complex nuclear reactions at intermediate and high energies

Committee Functions

Chemistry Major Advisor

Any Committee Member

Chemistry Minor Advisor

Any Committee Member

Approval for Transfer Credit

Goodman & Contestabile

Senior Research Theses and Symposium

Krugh & Contestabile

ACS Student Affiliates Advisor


Review of Senior Transcripts and Latin Honors

Goodman & Contestabile

Review of Transcripts and Readmission Applications


Undergraduate Awards and Nominations

Goodman & Contestabile

Graduation Ceremonies

Goodman & Contestabile

Review of Freshman Academic Handbook,
Bulletin for Undergraduate Studies

Goodman & Contestabile

Review of Formal Petitions


College Fall, Spring and Summer Advising Meetings