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Undergraduate Program

Peer Advisors

Our current peer advisors are all chemistry majors in their senior year and have gone through training with the College Center for Advising Services, and also work with the chemistry Undergraduate Studies Committee.

They can help students with:

  • Declaring a major
  • Making connections with faculty
  • Reviewing research opportunities
  • Exploring study abroad options
  • Investigating independent and interdisciplinary study options

If they can't answer your question, they are happy to point you in the right direction!

Chemistry Peer Advisors,  2017-2018

Hayden Carder

Hayden Carder

Hayden is pursuing a BS in Chemistry, and has worked in the Benjamin Miller Lab in the U of R Medical Center since 2015. Outside of academics, Hayden is part of the Undergraduate Chemistry Council, and also works as a workshop leader for both Organic Chemistry and Quantum Chemistry.

Rachel Clune

Rachel Clune

Rachel currently majors in Chemistry and Applied Math. Rachel conducted research at the University of Pennsylvania in Summer 2016, and currently researches at the U of R. Outside of academics, Rachel is part of the University of Rochester Wind Symphony, works as a Workshop Leader for Freshman Organic Chemistry, and is the Vice President of the Undergraduate Chemistry Council.

Peer Advisors for all participating UR departments are listed on the CCAS website at: