Cilas Kemedjio

Cilas Kemedjio

  • Professor of French

PhD, Ohio State University

406 Lattimore
(585) 275--425

Office Hours: Wednesday 10 a.m. to noon, and by appointment

Research Overview

Research Interests

  • Francophone Caribbean and African literary and cultural studies
  • postcolonial theory
  • transnational black studies
  • humanitarianism

Courses Offered (subject to change)

  • AAS 380:  African and African-American Studies Senior Seminar (Fall 2018)
  • FREN 202:  Introduction to Literature in French (Spring 2016)
  • FREN 204:  Contemporary French Culture (Fall 2015)
  • FREN 228:  Humanitarianism and Its Discontents (Fall 2019)
  • FREN 239:  Representing African-Americans in the African Imagination (Fall 2018)
  • FREN 243:  Mutilated Bodies: From Traditions to Cutting-Edge Technologies (Spring 2019)
  • FREN 247:  Black Paris (Spring 2018)
  • FREN 250:  Black Paris - 2 credits (Spring 2018)
  • FREN 271:  Introduction to Francophone Literature (Fall 2019)
  • FREN 272:  Madness and Postcolonial Literature (Spring 2013)
  • FREN 274:  Caribbean Novel and Theory (Spring 2014)
  • FREN 286:  Growing Up in French (Fall 2014)
  • CLTR 200:  Biographies of Emancipation in The Black World (Fall 2020)

Selected Publications

Books and Monographs

  • The Humanitarian Misunderstanding: Remembering Globalization. In progress.
  • With Cecelia Lynch, editors. Critical Investigations into Humanitarian Interventions in Africa. In progress.
  • Editor, introduction, annotations, and analysis. Mémoires des années de braise: La grève estudiantine de 1990 expliquée/Remember the Flame: White Papers from the 1990 Yaoundé University Strikes. Éditions Terroirs, 2013.
  • Mongo Beti - Le combattant fatigué. Une biographie intellectuelle. LIT, 2013. Littératures et cultures francophones hors d'Europe 7.
  • De la Négritude à la Créolité. Édouard Glissant, Maryse Condé et la malédiction de la théorie. LIT, 1999. Littératures des peuples noirs 1.

Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Migration, Literary Imagination, and Mirages in the Francophone Text: Pahts to Anthropological Mutilation” in Olakunle George, Ed. A Companion to African Literatures, January 2021, (pp.333-349)
  • “Black Studies and The Ideology of Relevance” InVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal of Visual Cutlure, November 2020.
  • The Anglophone question: between a “regime-made disaster” and the ethnic politics of a fragmented nation,Journal of the African Literature Association (2020),14:2,198-215,DOI: 10.1080/21674736.2020.1717121
  •  “Abiola Irele and the anti-Négritude generation: “In Praise of Alienation”,Journal of the African Literature Association (2020),14:1,43-57,DOI: 10.1080/21674736.2019.1674016
  • ‘Anthropological mutilation’ and the reordering of Cameroonian literature , TYDSKRIF VIR LETTERKUNDE • 53 (1) • 2016, 86-108, DO  - 10.4314/tvl.v53il.5
  • “La ‘mutilation anthropologique’ et le réalignement de la littérature camerounaise” Cilas Kemedjio. Tydskr Letterk, 2016];53(1): 66-85.
  • “Mémoire des esclaves: le dernier chantier d’Édouard Glissant”. Revue des Sciences Humaines, Volume 309 (2013), pp. 203-221.
  • "The Suspect Nation: Globalization and the Postcolonial Imaginary." Translated by Alexis Pernsteiner. Francophone Sub-Saharan African Literature in Global Contexts. Spec. issue of Yale French Studies, no. 120, 2011, pp. 111-26.
  • "Le malentendu humanitaire: une approche de Guelwaar d'Ousmane Sembène." Ousmane Sembène. Spec. issue of Études littéraires africaines, no. 30, 2010, pp. 46-57. Éruditdoi:10.7202/1027346ar.
  • "Aimé Césaire's Letter to Maurice Thorez: The Practice of Decolonization." Aimé Césaire, 1913-2008: Poet, Politician, Cultural Statesman. Spec. issue of Research in African Literatures, vol. 41, no. 1, Spring 2010, pp. 87-108. JSTORdoi:10.2979/ral.2010.41.1.87.
  • "Of Aid and the African Renaissance: A Discussion from Ngugi wa Thiongo's Something Torn and New: An African Renaissance, Ngugi wa Thiongo's The Wizard of the Crow, and Dambisa Moyo's Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There Is Another Way for Africa." Translated by Ruthmarie H. Mitsch. Critical Investigations into Humanitarianism in Africa (CIHA) Blog, 14 Apr. 2010,
  • "Imaginaires de la departementalisation: les indpendances en miroir." International Journal of Francophone Studies, vol. 11, no. 3, Nov. 2008, pp. 345-64. Ingenta Connectdoi:10.1386/ijfs.11.3.345_1.