Photo of Michael Anderson

Anderson, Michael Alan

  • Assistant Professor of Musicology


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Bakhmetyeva, Tanya

  • Associate Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
  • Associate Academic Director, Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Interests: Russian and Eastern European History, History of Catholicism, Gender

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Beaudette, Sylvie

  • Assistant Professor of Chamber Music & Accompanying


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Bellina, Elena

  • Assistant Professor of Italian


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Bernardi, Joanne

  • Professor of Japanese and Film and Media Studies
  • Head, Japanese Program
    Project Director, Re-Envisioning Japan: Japan as Destination in 20th C. Visual and Material Culture


Interests: Japanese cinema and culture, especially popular culture; film and media studies; visual and material culture; moving image archiving and preservation; travel and tourism studies; nuclear culture; digital humanities; ephemera studies; object-based learning

Professor of English David Bleich

Bleich, David

  • Professor

Interests: Literary and language theory; writing and language pedagogy; women's studies; science studies; Jewish studies; film and popular culture

Anthony T. Carter

Carter, Anthony T.

  • Professor Emeritus

Interests: rural politics; kinship and marriage; households and personhood

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Cerulli, Catherine

  • Director, Susan B. Anthony Center


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Chao, Shin-yi

  • Associate Professor of Religion


Interests: Chinese Religions

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Chin, Nancy

  • Associate Professr of Community and Preventive Medicine (SMD)


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Clark, Stephanie Brown

  • Associate Professor of Medical Humanities (SMD)


Elizabeth Colantoni

Colantoni, Elizabeth

  • Associate Professor of Classics


Interests: Roman, Italic, and Etruscan Art and Archaeology; Roman religion; early Rome


Curry, Mary Jane

  • Associate Professor of Education, Teaching and Curriculum


Kristin Doughty

Doughty, Kristin

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

Interests: political and legal anthropology; politics of reconciliation; transitional justice; violence and conflict; memory; politics of energy; Africa; Rwanda

Ayala Emmett

Emmett, Ayala

  • Professor Emeritus
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Estrada, Marie-Joelle

  • Associate Professor
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Freitas, Roger

  • Professor of Musicology


Thomas Gibson

Gibson, Thomas P.

  • Professor of Anthropology


Interests: Indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia; The anthropology of war and peace; Cosmology and state formation; Islamic states; Religious nationalism in the Indian Ocean; Colonialism and bureaucracy

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Grace, Jeanne

  • Professor Emeritus of Clinical Nursing


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Groth, Susan

  • Assistant Professor of Nursing


Susan Gustafson

Gustafson, Susan E.

  • Karl F. and Bertha A. Fuchs Professor of German Studies
  • Head, German Program


Interests: German literature of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries; feminism and gender studies; psychoanalysis

Thomas Hahn

Hahn, Thomas

  • Professor

Interests: Medieval literature and culture; popular culture

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Haidu, Rachel

  • (on leave for academic year 2021-22)
    Associate Professor of Art History

Interests: Modern, postwar and contemporary art; Eastern European postwar and contemporary art; artist's films and videos; contemporary painting; history of photography; national identity and transnationalism; critical theory and poststructuralist theory; feminism, gender and race studies; visual studies

Sarah Higley

Higley, Sarah L

  • Professor

Interests: Medieval vernacular languages and literature of Northern Europe; film and media studies; fiction

Larry Hudson Headshot

Hudson, Larry E.

  • Associate Professor of History

Interests: African-American History; Comparative Slavery; Civil War and Reconstruction; New South; Theory and Methods of Oral History

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Hwang, June J.

  • Associate Professor of German

Interests: Twentieth-century film; literature and critical theory

Rosemary Kegl

Kegl, Rosemary

  • Associate Professor

Interests: Shakespeare and English Renaissance drama; early modern literature and culture; literary theory; gender studies

Cilas Kemedjio

Kemedjio, Cilas

  • Professor of French

Interests: Francophone Caribbean and African literary and cultural studies; postcolonial theory; transnational black studies; humanitarianism

Jennifer Kyker

Kyker, Jennifer

  • Associate Professor of Music, Department of Music, College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
    Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, Eastman School of Music
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LeCuyer, Elizabeth

  • Assistant Professor of Nursing


Bette London

London, Bette

  • Professor

Interests: Twentieth-century British literature; Victorian literature and culture; feminist theory; women's writing; authorship studies

Katherine Mannheimer

Mannheimer, Katherine

  • Associate Professor of English
  • Chair , Department of English

Interests: Restoration; Eighteenth-century literature

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Mariner, Kathryn

  • Assistant Professor
Joyce McDonough

McDonough, Joyce

  • Professor, Department of Linguistics (On Sabbatical for 2021-22)

Interests: Phonetics, phonology and morphology and their interfaces; Laboratory phonology; Dene (Athabaskan) linguistics; Neural coding of vowels (w Laurel Carney)

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McGowan, Kathy

  • Gender and Women's Studies Librarian
Profile photo

McHugh, Ernestine

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology, The College; Senior Instructor in Community and Preventive Medicine, The Medical School


Honey Meconi

Meconi, Honey

  • Arthur Satz Professor of Music, Department of Music, College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
    Professor of Musicology, Eastman School of Music
Anne Merideth

Merideth, Anne

  • Professor of Instruction, Religion
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Religion and Classics

Interests: New Testament; History and Literature of Early Christianity

John Michael

Michael, John

  • Professor of English and Visual and Cultural Studies
  • Director of American Studies

Interests: American literature; critical theory; cultural studies

Deborah Modrak

Modrak, Deborah

  • Professor Emerita of Philosophy

Interests: Aristotle; History of Ancient Philosophy; Philosophy of Mind

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Mustian, Karen

  • Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology (SMD), Community and Preventative Medicine


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Norwood, Lisa

  • Assistant Dean, Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
John Osburg

Osburg, John

  • Associate Professor
  • Chair of Anthropology

Interests: China; Capitalism; Postsocialism; Gender; Political corruption and organized crime; Buddhist revival in China

Dorinda Outram Headshot

Outram, Dorinda

  • Professor Emerita of History

Interests: History of the Enlightenment

Jean Pedersen Headshot

Pedersen, Jean

  • Associate Professor of History
    Associate Professor of Humanities, Eastman School of Music

Interests: Modern European History; French History; Feminist Theory, Women's History, and Gender Studies; Philosophy of Science; Sociology of Knowledge; History of Academic Disciplines

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Platt, Terry

  • Professor Emeritus of Biology


Person's photo

Pollack, David

  • Retired Professor of Japanese
Person's photo

Prendergast, Ryan

  • Associate Professor of Spanish

Interests: Representations of identity and difference in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spain and Spanish America

Person's photo

Rodríguez-Hernández, Raúl

  • Associate Professor of Spanish, Comparative Literature, and Film and Media Studies
  • Head, Spanish Program

Interests: Twentieth- and twenty-first-century Hispanic literatures and cultures; literary theory; Frankfurt School; European philosophical traditions in Latin America; Latin American cinema; the visual arts; the Baroque and Neo-Baroque; the Gothic tradition

Nora Rubel

Rubel, Nora

  • Jane and Alan Batkin Professor of Jewish Studies
  • Chair, Department of Religion and Classics

Interests: American Religion; Race and Ethnicity; Religion and Foodways

Joan Rubin Headshot

Rubin, Joan S.

  • Dexter Perkins Professor in History

Interests: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Cultural and Intellectual History; The History of the Book

Jeff Runner

Runner, Jeffrey T.

  • Dean of the College in Arts, Sciences and Engineering
  • Professor of Linguistics and Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Interests: Experimental Syntax; Syntactic/Linguistic Theory; Binding Theory; Syntax Processing; Phrase Structure; Syntax/Semantics Interface

Profile Photo

Saab, A. Joan

  • Professor of Art History and Visual and Cultural Studies
  • Vice Provost of Academic Affairs

Interests: Twentieth-century American cultural history; media and culture; urban and community studies; popular culture; cultural studies; aesthetic categories and values

Person's photo

Schaefer, Claudia

  • Rush Rhees Chair
    Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature
    Professor of Film and Media Studies

Interests: Nineteenth-, twentieth- and twenty-first-century Hispanic literatures and cultures; Spanish cinema; critical theory; popular culture; the visual arts; Spanish modernity; the culture of science in Spain; surrealism in Spain; digital humanities

Joanna Scott

Scott, Joanna

  • Roswell Smith Burrows Professor of English
  • Director, Literary Arts Programs

Interests: Modern and contemporary fiction; the art of imaginative writing

Llerena Searle

Searle, Llerena G.

  • Associate Professor

Interests: Urbanization; infrastructure; capitalism and global finance; value; speculation; material culture; media and consumer cultures; South Asia

Grace Seiberling

Seiberling, Grace

  • Associate Professor

Interests: Nineteenth-century painting and photography, especially Impressionism; Early British photography; Museums

Allen Topolski

Topolski, Allen

  • Associate Professor
  • Chair, Department of Art and Art History
    Undergraduate Advisor, Studio Arts


Interests: Studio production that incorporates found materials and a variety of processes to explore nostalgia and memory in technologies of domesticity and convenience.

Sharon Willis

Willis, Sharon

  • Professor, Art and Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies

Interests: Film history and theory; visual and cultural studies; women's studies and feminist theory; comparative literature and critical theory; French cinema; 19th and 20th century French literature

Profile photo

Žigelyte, Lina

  • Adjunct Instructor

Interests: Queer theory; Disability studies; Gender studies

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Photo of Marilyn Aten

Aten, Marilyn, PhD, RN

  • Director, Center for High Risk Children and Youth


Bigelow, Nicholas P.

Bigelow, Nicholas P.

  • Lee A. DuBridge Professor of Physics and Optics
    LLE Distinguished Scientist


Interests: experimental atomic; molecular and optical physics

Arie Bodek

Bodek, Arie

  • George E. Pake Professor of Physics


Interests: experimental elementary-particle physics

Profile photo

Britton, Marla

  • Senior Assistant Director of Admissions for College/Community Programs
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Brown, Theodore

  • Professor of Community and Preventive Medicine


Greg Carlson

Carlson, Greg

  • Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

Interests: Semantic Theory; Psycholinguistics; Discourse

Profile photo

Desai-Stephens, Anaar

  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology


Profile photo

Dombeck, Mary

  • Professor of Nursing


Joshua Dubler

Dubler, Joshua

  • Associate Professor of Religion
  • Director, Rochester Education Justice Initiative

Interests: Religion in America

Profile Photo

Duro, Paul

  • Professor Emeritus

Interests: theories of imitation; history painting; hierarchy of the genres; theories of the sublime; frame discourse and analysis; word and image studies; travel writing

Sandhya Dwarkadas

Dwarkadas, Sandhya

  • Albert Arendt Hopeman Professor of Computer Science
    Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Interests: Parallel and distributed computing; Computer architecture and networks; Interaction and interface between the compiler, runtime system, and underlying architecture; Software distributed shared memory; Integrated compiler and runtime support for parallelism; Simulation methodology; Uniprocessor and multiprocessor architectures; Parallel applications development; Performance evaluation

Profile photo

Faulkner, Preston

  • Director of Warner Advancement
Robert Foster

Foster, Robert J.

  • Professor of Anthropology and Visual and Cultural Studies, Richard L. Turner Professor of Humanities
  • Interim Director, Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies


Interests: Political economy; Material culture; Globalization ; Corporations ; Commercial media ; Mobile phones; Papua New Guinea, Melanesia

Photo unavailable

Frye, Robin

  • Assistant Director of Study Skills and Workshops, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Kenneth Gross

Gross, Kenneth

  • Alan F. Hilfiker Distinguished Professor of English

Interests: Shakespeare; lyric poetry; Renaissance literature; romance

Profile photo

Hursh, David

  • Professor of Teaching and Curriculum


Profile photo

Iglewski, Barbara

  • Professor of Microbiology and Immunology; Director of International Programs at URMC


Photo unavailable

Johnson, Jim

  • Professor of Political Science


Heather Layton

Layton, Heather

  • Assistant Professor of Art

Interests: Contemporary art; Painting; Art as activism; Storytelling; Magical realism; Mexican religious art; Democratic dialogue; Intrinsic motivation

Profile photo

Lee, Brenda

  • Assistant Dean for Medicine Education and Student Affairs
Profile photo

Lewis, Vivian

  • Vice Provost for Faculty Development & Diversity
Elias Mandala Headshot

Mandala, Elias C.

  • Professor of History

Interests: Southern Africa since the 19th Century; Social History

Profile photo

Marquis, Andre

  • Associate Professor of Counseling and Human Development
Alison Peterman

Peterman, Alison

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Co-chair (primary contact, July 1 to December 31)


Interests: Early Modern Philosophy; History of Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Perception

Person's Photo

Quillen, Alice C.

  • Professor of Physics and Astronomy
    LLE Senior Scientist


Interests: theoretical astrophysics and observational astronomy

Deborah Rossen-Knill Headshot

Rossen-Knill, Deborah, MFA, PhD

  • Professor
  • Executive Director, Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program
Profile photo

Scheie, Timothy

  • Associate Professor of French


Person's photo

Stocchi-Perucchio, Donatella

  • Associate Professor of Italian
    Arnold Lisio ’56, ‘61M (MD) and Anne Moore Lisio, MD Endowed Distinguished Professor in Italian Language and Culture
  • Head, Italian Program

Interests: Dante; nineteenth-century poetry and prose; fascism

Jeffrey Tucker

Tucker, Jeffrey Allen

  • Associate Professor of English
  • Director, Undergraduate Studies

Interests: African-American literature; 20th-century American literature; science fiction

Profile photo

Tuttle, Jane

  • Professor of Clinical Nursing; Specialty Director, Family Nurse Practitioner Program
Elya Zhang Headshot

Zhang, Elya J.

  • History Senior Lecturer


Interests: Chinese History, Financial History, Spatial History, and Network Studies

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