The School of Arts and Sciences allows courses to have multiple listing numbers. If a course has multiple listing numbers (referred to as 'co-locations') a student may choose the listing they'd like for their course of study. For example, a student who wants to enroll in Tanya Bakhmetyeva's History of Feminisms course will choose one of the following numbers under which to enroll based on their situation: GSWS 200, GSWS 200W, HIST 259, HIST 259W, or HIST 402. Because this course is offered by the GSWS program, GSWS is considered the course owner.

Full listings of all upcoming GSWS courses, both GSWS-owned and co-located:

Check the course schedules/descriptions available via the Registrar's Office for more information on these courses. For the most up to date information on particular courses, consult the instructor. Please note that while GSWS 100 is offered every semester under a different title/topic, and it may not be taken more than once.

To see what we do in some of our courses, visit our GSWS Experiences page.