Full Directory


Abbondanzieri, Elio

  • Research Assistant Professor

Ablaeva, Julia

  • Technical Associate, Gorbunova/Seluanov

Akhter, Nasima

  • First Year PhD Student

Interests: TBD

Athar, Fathima

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Gorbunova

Augustin, Marlie

she/her/hers, they/them/theirs

  • Data Entry Clerk


Bai, Huiru

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Gorbunova

Balakrishnan, Aiswarya

  • First Year PhD Student

Interests: TBD

Bellomio, Philip

Interests: Incorporation of oxidized methionine within the nascent polypeptide during protein translation

Bennett, Danielle (Dani)

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Meyer

Benyajati, Cheeptip

  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Student Relations for Biology

Interests: Regulation of gene expression during development of Drosophila; Transcription, chromatin structure, and mechanisms of developmental chromatin structure remodeling

Bi, Xin


  • Professor

Interests: Epigenetic regulation of eukaryotic gene expression; Structural and functional domains of the genome; Chromatin boundary elements; Gene silencing; DNA damage repair and tolerance

Biashad, Seyed Ali

  • Lab Technician, Seluanov

Bickel, Ryan

  • Associate Professor of Instruction
  • Assistant Director of the Undergraduate Program in Biology and Medicine

Bissell, Mary

  • Facilities Manager

Brisson, Jennifer


  • Professor


Interests: Evolution of morphology; Molecular basis of phenotypic plasticity; Evolution and development in the pea aphid; The role of epigenetics in polyphenism


Cammarota, Christian

Interests: Biological physics and the role of mechanics in tissue development and cell processes

Casler, Karli

Interests: TBD

Castano, Maria Isabel

Interests: Behavioral ecology and speciation of Neotropical birds

Cefaloni, Eric

Interests: Epigenetic mechanisms driving breast cancer and epithelial to mesenchymal transition

Chen, Minhao

Interests: TBD

Chen, Nancy


  • Assistant Professor


Interests: Population genetics with pedigrees; Contemporary evolution in natural populations; Evolutionary genetics; Conservation genomics; Avian genomics

Chhibber, Hannah


  • Lab Technician, Welte

Clark, Michael

  • Associate Professor of Instruction

Corson, Nancy

  • Lab Technician, Gorbunova

Couderc, Chloe

  • Lab Technician, Seluanov

Courret, Cécile

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Larracuente

Culver, Gloria


  • Professor

Interests: Macromolecular assembly; RNA-protein recognition; Dynamics of RNA folding

Cutting, Joseph

Interests: TBD


Dao, Thao Kim

Interests: The roles of retinoic acid in shell and embryonic development in the mollusc Ilyanassa

Deem, Kevin


  • Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Brisson

Deng, Chenghong

Interests: The role of tRNA modification in neuron development

De Silva, Manikkuwadura

Interests: TBD

DiGiorgio, Patricia

  • Graduate Coordinator

Driscoll, Rose


Interests: Evolutionary genetics of phenotypic plasticity in aphids


Edvalson, Logan

Interests: TBD

Eickbush, Danna

  • Research Associate, Larracuente/Eickbush

Eickbush, Thomas H

  • Mercer Brugler Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus


Fay, Justin

  • Professor


Interests: Evolution of gene regulation; Comparative genomics and domestication; Disease consequences of human evolution

Femiano, Donna

  • Temp - Undergraduate Course Coordinator

Firsanov, Denis

  • Research Associate, Seluanov

Fratianni, Caroline


  • Undergraduate Program Manager & Curriculum Advisor to UPBM

Fry, James D

  • Associate Professor
  • Director of the Undergraduate Program in Biology and Medicine

Interests: Genetics of ecological adaptation in Drosophila; Evolutionary effects of deleterious mutations; Quantitative-genetic theory and methodology

Fu, Dragony

  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Graduate Affairs & Admissions in Biology


Interests: RNA modification and translation regulation; Neurodevelopmental disorders linked to RNA function; Biochemistry and molecular biology

Fuda, Nicholas

  • Research Associate, Larracuente


Gangan, Manasi

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Meyer

Gaydash, Elka (Yulia)

  • First Year PhD Student

Interests: TBD

Ghaemmaghami, Sina

  • Mercer Brugler Distinguished Teaching Professor
    George Y. and Catherine H. Wu Professor in Chemistry
    Professor of Biology
  • Director, AS&E Undergraduate Research


Interests: Protein folding and degradation; Neurodegenerative diseases and aging; Prion biology; Proteomics

Gigas, Jonathan

Interests: Biochemistry and function of human Sirtuin-6 in cancer and aging

Glastad, Karl

  • Assistant Professor
  • Coming January 1, 2024


Interests: Gene regulation, hormonal signalling, molecular and cellular determinants of aging and lifespan; Mechanisms and evolution of plasticity; Arthropod genomics; Video games

Goldfarb, David

  • Professor Emeritus

Gona, Ram

Interests: TBD

Gorbunova, Vera

  • Doris Johns Cherry Professor
    Professor of Biology
  • Co-director, Rochester Aging Research Center


Interests: Mechanisms of aging; Comparative biology of aging; Comparative biology of aging; DNA repair and genomic instability; Anticancer therapy

Gourdain, Rebecca

  • Stockroom Clerk

Gregory, Lauren

Interests: Investigation of the proximate basis of the aphid wing polyphenism

Gu, Ningyang

Interests: Using microinjection, FISH, and single-particle tracking to understand the intranuclear movement of plasmids

Guthikonda, Prashanth Kumar

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Gorbunova


Hamazaki, Sakura

Interests: Investigating the role of calcium mishandling in Myotonic Dystrophy Type I ( DM1) myopathy

Hansen, Barbara

  • Lab Technician, Fu

He, Luying (Louise)

  • Lab Technician, Meyer

Heinze, Eric

  • First Year PhD Student

Interests: TBD

Hillpot, Eric

Interests: TBD

Hinkle, David C.

  • Professor Emeritus

Holz, Jonathan


  • Associate Professor of Instruction

Interests: Pedagogy; Open educational resources; Equity in education; Physiology, Anatomy, Toxicology

Hopkins, Brian


  • On leave - Undergraduate Course Coordinator

Hu, Gang

Interests: Improving RNA structure stability predictions by creating a software model that uses updated nearest neighbor parameters for more accurate estimations of melting temperatures and interacting strand concentrations

Hua, Shan

Interests: Investigating the role of H2A.Z and ANP32E on regulating gene expression


Irvin, Joseph

Interests: The role of mitophagy on caspase 3 contingent tau pathology in neurons


Jaenike, John

  • Professor Emeritus

Jain, Anushka

Interests: TBD

Jencik, Brian

  • Lab Technician, Welte

Johnson, Brad


  • IT Specialist

Johnson, Alycia

  • First Year PhD Student

Interests: TBD


Kassanoff, Jordan

  • Lab Technician, Meyer

Keister, Jennifer

  • Lab Technician, Brisson

Kelchner, Katelyn

  • First Year PhD Student

Interests: TBD

Kim, Sei Joong

Interests: TBD

Kingsley, Alec

  • Project Assistant, Werren

Kirz, Brian

  • First Year PhD Student

Interests: TBD

Korotkov, Anatoly

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Gorbunova

Kovelakuntla, Vamsi


Interests: Bacterially-mediated fabrication of artificial nacre

Kruelski, Natasha

  • Lab Technician, Larracuente


Lambert, J. David

  • Professor


Interests: The evolution of developmental mechanisms; Early patterning in molluscs and related groups; Cytoskeletal basis of asymmetric cell divisions; Evolution of novel phenotypes

Larracuente, Amanda


  • Associate Professor
  • Associate Chair


Interests: Evolutionary genetics and genomics; Intragenomic conflict and the evolution of selfish DNA; Evolutionary and functional genomics of satellite DNA; Sex chromosome and dot chromosome evolution in Drosophila; Centromere organization and evolution

Lawrence, Deborah

  • Front Office Secretary

Lee, Minseon

Interests: The role of SIRT6 in rejuvenating the epigenome and maintaining heterochromatin stability in aged cells

Leigh, Jennifer

  • Master's Student

Interests: The potential role of mitochondrial dysfunction in Tubular Aggregate Myopathy

Leo, Cailyn

Interests: Determining the spatial and temporal effects of TRMT1 on neurodevelopment of mice

Lewis, Aaron

  • Facilities Assistant

Liang, Yuan

Interests: TBD

Lindley, Sean

Interests: RNA trans-splicing in cells

Lindsay, Matthew

Interests: Evolutionary Genetics of Gene Drives and Repetitive DNA in Drosophila melanogaster

Liu, Xiaomi

Interests: Wing plasticity in aphids, with a focus on a computational approach

Longan, Emery

Interests: Genetic constraints on adaptation and their role in the evolution of domestication associated traits in the Saccharomyces yeasts

Lyon, Hiram


  • Project Assistant, Culver


Macoretta, Nicholas

Interests: TBD

Marti, Emiliano

Interests: Evolutionary history and molecular mechanisms of meiotic drive (sensu lato). Consequences of intragenomic conflicts in genome evolution and the origin of the species

Marvin-Foley, Sarah

  • Undergraduate Course Coordinator

Meadow, Michael


Interests: Cross-species proteomics to study aging!

Meyer, Anne S.


  • Associate Professor


Interests: Synthetic biology; 3D printing of bacteria; Engineering of bacteria to produce biomaterials; Survival strategies of bacteria; Organization of bacterial DNA

Miller, James

  • Technical Associate, Fay

Minckley, Robert L.

  • Professor of Instruction


Interests: Ecology and evolution of host breadth in bees; Community structure of desert bees; Conservation biology of pollinators

Moeller, Eric

  • First Year PhD Student

Interests: TBD

Morandini, Francesco

Interests: TBD

Muirhead, Christina

  • Research Associate, Presgraves

Murphy, Patrick J.

  • Assistant Professor


Interests: Regulation of vertebrate gene transcription in vivo; Epigenetics and chromatin; Zebrafish genetics and genomics; Developmental cell state transitions; Bioinformatics


Olmsted, Joanna B.

  • Dean Emerita of the School of Arts and Sciences

Orr, H. Allen

  • Shirley Cox Kearns Professor
    Professor of Biology


Interests: Genetics of speciation in Drosophila; Genetics and theory of adaptation; Population genetics


Paige, Victoria


  • Lab Technician, Gorbunova

Park, Jaeyoung (Jay)

Interests: Developmental roles of retinoic acid signaling in Tritia

Peter, Benjamin


  • Assistant Professor
  • Coming January 1, 2024

Interests: Population genetics; Evolutionary genetics; Human genetic history; Ancient DNA; Population structure

Phelps, Elizabeth

  • Stockkeeper

Phromsiri, Pakinee

Interests: Mechanisms and consequences of histone buffering in the early Drosophila embryo

Portman, Douglas

  • Professor


Interests: Genetics of development and behavior in C. elegans; Neural cell fate specification; Sex differences in neural circuit function; Sexual dimorphism in developmental patterning

Presgraves, Daven C.

  • Dean's Professor
    Professor of Biology


Interests: Evolutionary genetics ; Speciation genetics; Molecular population genetics; Selfish gene complexes

Putrelo, Julie

  • Lab Technician, Welte


Rechsteiner, Cheyenne

Interests: TBD

Reger, Noah

Interests: TBD

Reid, Jennifer

  • Lab Technician, Brisson

Romero, Faye

Interests: Evolutionary and population genomics; genetic causes and consequences of inbreeding depression in the Florida Scrub-Jay

Rossow, Lisa

  • Finance Assistant

Rybak, Brenna


  • Department Administrator & Business Manager

Rydkina, Elena

  • Teaching Lab Manager


Saleh Ziabari, Omid

Interests: The parallel evolution of wings in aphids

Sanberg, Victoria (Tori)

  • Lab Technician, Werren

Seidman, Daniel

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chen

Sellix, Michelle

  • Staff Accountant

Seluanov, Michael

  • Teaching Lab Assistant

Seluanov, Andrei

  • Professor


Interests: Molecular and cell biology; Tumor suppressor mechanisms in log-lived rodents the Naked Mole-Rat and Eastern Grey Squirrel; Mammalian Sirt proteins in regulation of stress response during aging; Anti-cancer mechanisms in whales

Shannon, Regina

  • Purchasing Agent

Shipley, Alicia

Interests: The mechanism of H2Av exchange between lipid droplets in Drosophila embryogenesis and its temporal regulation at the midblastula transition

Shogren, Elsie

  • Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Uy

Sia, Elaine


  • Professor
  • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Interests: Molecular biology and genetics; Mutagenesis and repair of the mitochondrial genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sidor, Lynn

Interests: Using synthetic biology to engineer bacteria to be able to polymerize a layer of polysilicate surrounding themselves, allowing for the creation of bacterial microlenses

Stein, Alexis

  • Assistant Professor of Instruction

Summers, Jeremy

Interests: The demographic and genetic effects of habitat fragmentation and degradation on the Florida Scrub-Jay


Tahir, Imran

Interests: Studying endothelial barrier dysfunction in the context of acute lung injury

Tan, Ruiyue

Interests: snRNA modification and its role in the pre-mRNA splicing

Tolibzoda, Fara

Interests: Investigation of biochemical contributors of health in long-living animals and their role in aging associated neurodegeneration

Tombline, Gregory

  • Research Associate, Seluanov/Gorbunova

Turner, Milla

  • Master's Student

Interests: TBD


Uy, J. Albert C.

  • Professor and Chair


Interests: Evolutionary Ecology; Behavioral Ecology; Evolutionary Genetics; Speciation; Conservation

Uy, Floria Mora-Kepfer


  • Assistant Professor of Instruction
    Research Assistant Professor
  • Starting as Assistant Professor in January 2024


Interests: Evolution of sociality; Neuroethology; Host-parasite interactions; Behavioral Ecology; Conservation


VanDeMar, Erin

  • Senior Accountant

Volobaev, Valentin

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Gorbunova


Walker, Tyler

Interests: The protection of DNA in response to stress in bacteria

Walunjkar, Nilima

Interests: Causes and consequences of thermal divergence in Saccharomyces species

Wang, Ning

  • Assistant Professor
  • Coming January 1, 2024


Interests: Cell biology, biochemistry, and molecular genetics; Organelle biogenesis; Organelle degradation through selective autophagy; Organelle aging and neurodegeneration

Welte, Michael


  • Professor


Interests: Cell and developmental biology ; Intracellular trafficking of proteins, RNAs, and organelles ; Regulation of motor-driven transport ; Cell biology of lipid droplets ; Lipid droplets in protein sequestration and innate immunity

Werren, John H.

  • Nathaniel and Helen Wisch Professor in Biology
    Professor of Biology


Interests: Evolutionary genetics; Microbial-host interactions with emphasis on Wolbachia in arthropods, genetics of speciation and evolution of development; Genetics, genomics and evolution of Parasitoids (e.g. Nasonia and relatives); The role of "selfish" or "parasitic" DNA in evolution

White, Roger

Interests: The role fatty acid trafficking and usage during Drosophila melanogaster oogenesis

Wnuk, Hayley

Interests: The influence of emotional well-being on Alzheimer's Disease progression

Wright , Lori

  • Technical Associate, Presgraves


Yang, Sifan

Interests: Role of SUMOylation and NEDDylation in aging and proteostasis


Zacher, Maxwell

Interests: Genetic mechanisms underlying longevity and cancer resistance in the bowhead whale

Zarr, Mikayla


  • Lab Technician, Lambert

Zhang, Jiarui

Interests: Molecular mechanism of juvenile-to-adult maturation in the C. elegans nervous system

Zhang, Kejia

Interests: Molecular functions of tRNA methyltransferase in neuronal development

Zhang, Rui

Interests: Pseudouridylation of snRNA and the mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing

Zhang, Zhihui

Interests: Anti-aging and anti-cancer effects of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Zheng, Zhizhong

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Gorbunova

Zhu, Mingyi

Interests: RNA secondary structure prediction