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Faculty by Research Focus

Cellular, Developmental and Molecular Biology

Cheeptip Benyajati

Benyajati, Cheeptip

Associate Professor
Co-Director of UPBM | (585) 275-8040
474 Hutchison

Interests: Regulation of gene expression during development of Drosophila; Transcription, chromatin structure, and mechanisms of developmental chromatin structure remodeling

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Bergstralh, Daniel

Assistant Professor | (585) 275-2631
326B Hutchison

Interests: Epithelial Morphogenesis; Spindle orientation; Cell Division

Xin Bi

Bi, Xin

Professor, On Sabbatical | (585) 275-6922
307 Hutchison

Interests: Epigenetic regulation of eukaryotic gene expression; Structural and functional domains of the genome; Chromatin boundary elements; Gene silencing; DNA damage repair and tolerance

Professor Gloria Culver

Culver, Gloria

Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences | (585) 273-5000
317 Lattimore

Interests: Macromolecular assembly; RNA-protein recognition; Dynamics of RNA folding

Professor Thomas H. Eickbush

Eickbush, Thomas H

Professor | (585) 275-7247
334A Hutchison

Interests: Molecular biology and evolution ; Integration of retrotransposable elements; Origin and evolution of mobile elements; Regulation of mRNA genes

Dragony Fu

Fu, Dragony

Assistant Professor | (585) 276-3346
333 Hutchison

Interests: RNA modification and translation regulation; Genotoxic stress response pathways; Regulated cell death mechanisms

Sina Ghaemmaghami

Ghaemmaghami, Sina

Assistant Professor | (585) 275-4829
326A Hutchison

Interests: Protein folding and degradation; Neurodegenerative diseases and aging; Prion biology; Proteomics

David Goldfarb

Goldfarb, David S

Professor | (585) 275-3890
436 Hutchison

Interests: Molecular cell biology of the nucleus

Vera Gorbunova

Gorbunova, Vera

Doris Johns Cherry Professor
Professor of Biology
Associate Professor of Oncology | (585) 275-7740
434 Hutchison

Interests: Mechanisms of aging; Comparative biology of aging; Comparative biology of aging; DNA repair and genomic instability; Anticancer therapy

Rush Rhees Professor Emeritus Martin A Gorovsky

Gorovsky, Martin A

Rush Rhees Professor Emeritus

 J. David Lambert

Lambert, J. David

Associate Professor | (585) 273-2482
344 Hutchison

Interests: The evolution of developmental mechanisms; Early patterning in molluscs and related groups; Cytoskeletal basis of asymmetric cell divisions; Evolution of novel phenotypes

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Meyer, Anne S.

Associate Professor
Coming September 2018!

Interests: Synthetic biology; 3D printing of bacteria; Engineering of bacteria to produce biomaterials; Survival strategies of bacteria; Organization of bacterial DNA

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Oakes, Patrick W.

Assistant Professor | (585) 275-5389
420 Bausch & Lomb Hall

Interests: Mechanics of cellular force generation; Cell Shape; Cytoskeleton Dynamics; Mechanosensing; Cell adhesion & migration; Rho GTPase signaling

Joanna Olmsted

Olmsted, Joanna B.

Dean Emerita of the School of Arts and Sciences

Douglas Portman

Portman, Douglas

Associate Professor | (585) 275-7414
2-9647 KMRB

Interests: Genetics of development and behavior in C. elegans; Neural cell fate specification; Sex differences in neural circuit function; Sexual dimorphism in developmental patterning

Andrei Seluanov

Seluanov, Andrei

Professor | (585) 275-6636
432 Hutchison

Interests: Molecular and cell biology; Tumor suppressor mechanisms in log-lived rodents the Naked Mole-Rat and Eastern Grey Squirrel; Mammalian Sirt proteins in regulation of stress response during aging; Anti-cancer mechanisms in whales

Elaine Sia

Sia, Elaine

Co-Director of UPBM | (585) 275-9275
332 Hutchison

Interests: Molecular biology and genetics; Mutagenesis and repair of the mitochondrial genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Michael Welte

Welte, Michael

Professor and Chair | (585) 276-3897
317 Hutchison

Interests: Cell and developmental biology ; Intracellular trafficking of proteins, RNAs, and organelles ; Regulation of motor-driven transport ; Cell biology of lipid droplets ; Lipid droplets in protein sequestration and innate immunity