Experimental Geochemistry Lab

Much of our foundational work happens here in the University of Rochester Experimental Geochemistry Laboratory. This space is optimized to support a wide range of research topics, while remaining nimble enough to forge into entirely new areas of research. We started this process by building 2 end-loaded piston cylinders by working with the machine shop at the University of Rochester. I encourage those working in my lab to explore new methods of experimental design and execution, which could include the construction of new experimental equipment. The images below show some of what housed in the lab.









One atmosphere muffle furnace and interchangeable horizontal/vertical tube furnace with gas mixing capabilities.


 piston cylinder devices   








Two of our end-loaded piston cylinder devices. These devices are designed to achieve temperatures as high as 2000oC and pressures of up to 40 kbar. Sample pressure is determined with a high precision 8" Heise gauge, and temperature is regulated with Eurotherm NanoDac controllers.










Our center room hosts a variety of tools including lathes, drill presses, and an arc welder; all are used for prototyping and for making experimental parts.

 The final room is used for microscope work, polishing samples, and loading capsules. The image on the right shows an example of a few 2 mm platinum capsules as well as a schematic of the cell design used for our piston cylinder experiments.

 experimental lab