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Current lab members


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Dustin Trail (Assistant Professor). If you are interested in joining our group, please look over our lab pages and through some of our publications to see if we might be a good fit. Most students look to me for some research direction when they start graduate studies. I am also strongly supportive student-generated ideas and I will support them financially if I can. Please contact me to learn about current opportunities (

Wriju Chowdhury (PhD student ,Fall 2016-> present) arriving Fall 2016. Co-advised with Mauricio Ibanez-Mejia.  Wriju is working on high and low temperature mineral-fluid partitioning of B. 

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Ian Szumila (PhD student, Fall 2014-> present) Ian holds BS degrees in Geology and Physics and has a passion for planetary science.  He is exploring various projected related to mass transport by diffusion. 

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Yanling Wang (PhD Fall 2014-> present) Yanling has earned an M.S. and BS in geology. She is investigating the source melts of Hadean zircons through experiments and measurements on natural samples.

Martha Miller (PhD student, Fall 2017-> present).  Martha is working on a variety of non-traditional stable isotope projects. 

Jacob Buettner (laboratory technician) Jacob oversees the operations of the experimental lab and the LA-ICP-MS.