Researchers and Technical Staff

  • Headshot of Aparajeo Chattopadhyay.

    Chattopadhyay, Aparajeo

    • Scientist, Petrenko Lab
    Office Location
    B03 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Atmospheric chemistry: air quality and climate change; Global methane (CH4) budget; Hydroxyl (OH) radical abundance in the past and modern atmosphere; Gas kinetics, photochemistry, and spectroscopy; Ice cores; Atmospheric monitoring

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    Chen, Hsin-Yu

    • Research Specialist, Trail Lab
    Office Location
    502 Hutchison Hall
  • Gerry Kloc

    Kloc, Gerald

    • Laboratory Technician
    Office Location
    227 Hutchison Hall
    (585) 275-5713
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    Schneider, Jack

    • Lab Specialist, Tarduno Lab
    Office Location
    Hutchison Hall