Seminar Schedule

Looking to attend geology and environmental sciences seminars? The department sponsors several seminars throughout the year, bringing notable speakers from around the country. Check out the seminar schedule below for this year’s presentations.

Seminars take place Fridays at 3 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) at the locations noted in the schedule below. Seminars are free and open to the public. Please direct any questions about this schedule to the seminar coordinator, Thomas Weber by email at

Spring 2023
(Every Friday at 3 p.m. unless otherwise noted)
January 13Goergen 101, 3 p.m.Tom Duffy (Princeton University)A Glimpse into the Deep Interior of Large Rocky Exoplanets
January 20
January 27
February 3Goergen 101, 3 p.m.Chris Hayes (University of Southern Mississippi)

Dust-Derived Iron Delivery to High-Nutrient Low-Chlorophyll Regions in the Pacific Ocean

February 10
February 17
February 24
March 3Goergen 101, 3 p.m.Hanno Rein (University of Toronto)Simulating planetary systems - Newton's law of gravity, machine learning, and everything in-between
March 17Goergen 101, 3 p.m.Katie GregoryInvestigating local anthropogenic and global climate change influences on riverine methane flux
March 24Dewey 2110E, 3 p.m.Graduate Student Only Attendance New Format Presentations for Graduate Student Talks
March 31Goergen 101, 3 p.m.Brian Arbic (University of Michigan)

Long-term Earth-Moon Evolution with High-level Orbit and Ocean Tide Models

April 7Goergen 101, 3 p.m.Madeline McChesney Every Investigating Short-Term Variability of Dissolved Methane in Groundwater Systems
April 14Dewey 1101, 3 p.m.Adriane Lam (Binghamton University)How planktic foraminifera achieved bi-polar distributions in the Late Neogene
April 21Goergen 101, 3 p.m.Gabriela Farfan (Smithsonian)Tackling Earth science problems with environmental biomineralogy