Outside Opportunities

We will continue to update this page with summer research opportunities, internships, and other programs that may be of interest to EES students. Inclusion here does not indicate any particular endorsement of these programs by the department.

Before exploring opportunities you may want to read American Geosciences Institute's Recent Geoscience Graduate Employment during the Pandemic, August 2020 article.

Summer Research Opportunities

Full-Time Employment Opportunities

Clean Energy Jobs

Dayaway Careers curates entry-level, clean energy career opportunities for graduating/interning college students and recent graduates, and organizes them by degree, major, and industry.

Other Opportunities

Sorry, this scholarship is not for cats.

Astronaut Scholarship

The Astronaut Scholarship is open to sophomore and junior STEM majors with solid grades (3.5 or higher) and a robust record of research. We're looking for students who want to make the world ever better through the advancement of scientific knowledge and technology. Our campus nominating committee encourages applications from students who are planning careers in research and technological innovation rather than clinical practice. Please see the Fellowships Office for more information about the campus nomination process, deadlines, and eligibility. Preliminary forms are due by February 9, 2024.

Ecosystems Field Study

The Ecosystems Field Study is an opportunity to practice scientific field research skills; accredited by the University of Montana at Missoula.