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Undergraduate Program

Geological Sciences (BA)


Foundation Courses

MTH 161 or MTH 141–142 (calculus AP credit is acceptable)

PHY 113 or PHY 101 and PHY 121* (physics AP credit is acceptable)

CHM 131 (chemistry AP credit is acceptable)

One other course in related sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, or statistics).

*Please note that PHY 121 provides more opportunities for students who wish to switch to the geological sciences BS program during their studies.

Geology Core Courses

EES 101: Introduction to Geological Sciences

EES 201: Evolution of the Earth

EES 203: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

EES 204W: Earth Materials

EES 208: Structural Geology

Technical Electives

Three technical electives should be chosen to create what the student and faculty advisor(s) view as a coherent program. Any EES courses at the 200 level or higher are acceptable. One 100-level EES course may be acceptable if it was taken in the first year.

Writing Requirement

Two core courses or technical electives must be taken as writing courses (writing courses are indicated by a W).