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Rochester Ice Cores and Atmospheric Chemistry in the News & Media

Humans are a bigger source of climate-altering methane, new studies suggest: Science Magazine article on Ben and Michaels methane papers. February 2020.

Old Carbon reservoirs unlikely to cause massive greenhiyse gas release: Article on Michael's Science paper. February 2020.

Natural gas is much 'dirtier' energy souce than we thought: National Geographic article on Ben's Nature paper. February 2020.

Oil and Gas May Be a Far Bigger Climate Threat Than We Knew: New York Times article on Ben's Nature paper. February 2020.

Antarctic scientists begin hunt for sky’s ‘detergent’: November 2018

Antarctic ice mission seeks mystery molecules that scrub sky : October 2018

Could the key to reversing climate change lie beneath the Antarctic? Scientists will drill 800ft deep holes in ice sheets to find a mystery 'detergent' that could clean the air of harmful greenhouse gases: Daily Mail article on upcoming Law Dome Expedition. October 2018.

"Why does ice make that sound?": An analysis of the sound in Peter's ice drop video. April 2018.

Viral video of ice dropping into a borehole originally tweeted by Peter. February 2018.

"Ancient clues help quantify modern methane": Article discussing UR Ice Core Lab's evidence for greater anthropegnic than geologic methane emissions in Physics Today. November 2017.

"Connections: New methane research shows the human impact on climate change": Vasilii and Peter are interviewed by WXXI Connections to discuss methane research. August 2017.

"Ask a Scientist: How should we live in the face of climate change?": Peter weighs in on facing the tough realities of climate change in an interview for, July 2017.

"Ancient Ice": Article featuring the UR Ice Core lab's work in Post Rochester. Summer 2017. 

"The real ice sheets of Antarctica": Antarctic project featured on NASA's climate blog, February 2016. 

Connections: Science RoundtableVasilii and Ben talk about nitrous oxide and global warming on WXXI, Rochester local radio, January 2015. 

"Methane: Dream or Nightmare": TV documentary on methane in the environment, 2014. 

"Cooking with Gas": Article about 2014 Taylor Glacier ice extraction in the Antarctic Sun, April 2014.

Vasilii Petrenko receives David & Lucile Packard Foundation FellowshipUniversity of Rochester Newsroom, October 2013. 

"First-Time Measurements in Greenland Snowpack Show a Significant Reduction in Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide Over Last 60 Years": University of Rochester Newsroom, September 2013. 

"College swimmer sets sights on Antarctica": Article in the Boston Globe, September 2013

"Drilling down in an Antarctic glacier": Radio segment on Public Radio International's "The World" program, April 2011

Interview with Vasilii: WXXI AM news 1370 Connection, October 2011.