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University of Rochester Ice Core and Atmospheric Chemistry Lab

Lab Group

Vas Petrenko

Vasilii Petrenko

Principal Investigator

Research Interests

Understanding natural and anthropogenic climate and environmental change, particularly from the perspective of atmospheric composition and chemistry. | (585) 276-6094 | Faculty Page

Marika Stock

PhD Candidate

Research Interests

I am interested in using a combination of paleoclimate (ice cores), atmospheric chemistry and geological approaches to help understand current climate change and investigate the gaps in knowledge in this field.  My current work involves field measurements of natural geologic methane flux out of sedimentary basins.  This information should help resolve the current discrepancy between top-down (ice core measurements of pre-industrial atmosphere) and bottom-up (upscaled natural geologic methane measurements) estimates of natural geologic methane contributions to the atmosphere. My past research focused on nitrous oxide concentrations from ice cores from the Allan Hills in Antarctica.

Alex Ihle

PhD Candidate

Research Interests

I am interested in improving our understanding of how past climates are preserved in ice cores. In my free time I ride my bike and think about how nice it would be to have a cat.

Edward Crosier

Lab Manager


Katie Hall

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Maggie Scholer

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Kellie McCrea

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Lab Alumni


Benjamin Hmiel
Peter Neff

PhD students

Philip Place
Michael Dyonisius
Benjamin Hmiel 


Roxana Kazemi
Will Schlageter
Emily Mesiti
Matthew Paccico
Jake Ward
Melisa Diaz
Avery Palardy
Lindsey Davidge
David Frank