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Cary Adams doing acoustic radar research during a residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation

Adams, Cary

  • Associate Professor of Art, Environment, and Emerging Practices


Interests: Environmental Art and Humanities; New Media; Social Practice

Headshot of Stephanie Ashenfelder.

Ashenfelder, Stephanie

  • Director, Digital Media Studies
    Academic Director, Studio Arts



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Bernardi, Joanne

  • Professor of Japanese and Visual and Cultural Studies
  • Head, Japanese Program
    Project Director, Re-Envisioning Japan: Japan as Destination in 20th C. Visual and Material Culture


Interests: Japanese cinema and culture, especially popular culture; film and media studies; visual and material culture; moving image archiving and preservation; travel and tourism studies; nuclear culture; digital humanities; ephemera studies; object-based learning

Headshot of Nancy Bernardo.

Bernardo, Nancy A.


  • Professor of Instruction


Interests: Graphic Design; History of Graphic Design (1850-1995); Typography; Collage; Victorian ephemera; Dada; Punk culture; Letterpress printing; RISO printing; Motion Design

Mark Bocko

Bocko, Mark

  • Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Director, Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences (CEIS)

Interests: Audio and acoustic signal processing; Computer audition; Sensors and transducers

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Burges, Joel

  • Associate Professor of English and Visual & Cultural Studies

Interests: Media studies, cultural studies, and American studies; 20th and 21st century film and television; Critical and cultural theory; Digital humanities, especially digital annotation, data visualization, and videographic criticism; Labor and culture; Audiovisual histories of race, class, gender, and sexuality


Peter Christensen

Christensen, Peter

  • Arthur Satz Professor of the Humanities
    Professor of Art and Art History
  • Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
    Ani and Mark Gabrellian Director, Humanities Center
    Director, Andrew W. Mellon Program in the Digital Humanities


Interests: 19th and 20th century architectural history, particularly Europe and North America’s international engagement with the Islamic world; history and aesthetics of infrastructure and industry; historicism; cartography and architecture; critical digital humanities

John Covach

Covach, John

  • Professor of Music, Arthur Satz Department of Music, School of Arts & Sciences
    Professor of Theory, Eastman School of Music
  • Director, University of Rochester Institute for Popular Music


Headshot of Patrick Doyle.

Doyle, Patrick

  • Undergraduate Program Coordinator
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Duro, Paul

  • Professor Emeritus

Interests: theories of imitation; history painting; hierarchy of the genres; theories of the sublime; frame discourse and analysis; word and image studies; travel writing


Morris Eaves

Eaves, Morris

  • Professor of English and Richard L. Turner Professor of Humanities
  • Former Director, A. W. Mellon Graduate Program in the Digital Humanities, the School of Arts & Sciences

Interests: British Romanticism; Media history and theory; Editorial theory; William Blake Archive Project


George Ferguson

Ferguson, George

  • Professor of Computer Science (Instruction) Co-Director Computer Science Undergraduate Program


Interests: Artificial intelligence; Intelligent agents; Agent communication languages; Agent architectures; User interfaces: speech recognition, natural language understanding, dialogue, conversational agents; Temporal reasoning: representation, planning, scheduling; Semantic web: ontologies, knowledge-based systems


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Haidu, Rachel

  • Associate Professor of Art History

Interests: Modern, postwar and contemporary art; Eastern European postwar and contemporary art; artist's films and videos; contemporary painting; history of photography; national identity and transnationalism; critical theory and poststructuralist theory; feminism, gender and race studies; visual studies

Gregory Heyworth

Heyworth, Gregory

  • Associate Professor of English
  • Director, Lazarus Project
Sarah Higley

Higley, Sarah L

  • Professor

Interests: Medieval vernacular languages and literature of Northern Europe and their interchanges; Film and media studies; Teratology (the study of the monstrous); Ecocriticism

Ehsan Hoque

Hoque, Ehsan

  • Associate Professor of Computer Science


Interests: Human Computer Interaction; Artificial Intelligence ; Interactive machine learning; Health and wellbeing; Future of skills

June Hwang

Hwang, June

  • Associate Professor of German

Interests: Film history and theory; critical theory and cultural studies; contemporary German culture and film; Weimar Cinema; German Jewish Studies; representations of the Holocaust


Michael Jarvis Headshot

Jarvis, Michael J.

  • Professor of History
  • Director of the Digital Elmina Project; Director of Smiths Island Archaeology Project


Interests: Public History and Museum Studies; Early American and Atlantic History 1450-1850 (Transnational); Material Culture and Historical Archaeology (Transnational); Digital History


Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge

Leblanc-Roberge, Evelyne

  • Associate Professor of Art, Lens Based Media


Interests: Photography and Video Installation; Representation of Space; Site-Specificity ; Frame Theory; Trompe l'oeil; Book Making; Maps and Floor Plans; Notion(s) of time; Fictions and Documents

Joseph Loporcaro

Loporcaro, Joseph

  • Assistant Professor of Digital Media Studies and Computer Science (Instruction)

Interests: Video game design, development, theory, and culture; digital media theory and production; mass media and pop culture; technology/media ethics; design thinking, research writing; social media studies; web design and development


Thaddeus E. Pawlicki

Pawlicki, Thaddeus E.

  • Associate Professor of Computer Science (Instruction)


Interests: Undergraduate eduction; Robotics; Computer vision; Artificial intelligence

Renato Perucchio

Perucchio, Renato

  • Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
    Program Director, Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures

Interests: Computational solid and structural mechanics; Engineering practices in Classical Antiquity


Headshot of Arjay Romanowski.

Romanowski, Arjay

  • STEM Librarian


Headshot of Emily Sherwood.

Sherwood, Emily G.

  • Director of Digital Scholarship and Studio X


Thomas Slaughter Headshot

Slaughter, Thomas P.

  • Arthur R. Miller Professor Emeritus of History

Interests: Europe and the Americas, c.1500-1900; Early America; American Revolution; Abolition; Humans and Nature; Families


Textor smiling at the camera.

Textor, Kristana

  • Lecturer


Interests: Video games and learning; play studies; digital media literacy; critical thinking; experiential learning; game design; motivation; identity; socio-cultural theory; informal learning; open scholarship; dissemination of research; design thinking; writing as communication; teaching film and video production

Allen Topolski

Topolski, Allen

  • Associate Professor
  • Chair, Department of Art and Art History


Interests: Studio production that incorporates found materials and a variety of processes to explore nostalgia and memory in technologies of domesticity and convenience.

Allen Topolski

Topolski, Allen

  • Associate Professor
  • Chair, Department of Art and Art History


Interests: Studio production that incorporates found materials and a variety of processes to explore nostalgia and memory in technologies of domesticity and convenience.