Undergraduate Program


Student Project
Christopher Dalke, Digital Photography Project

Rochester is the ideal place to explore the connections between digital technology, critical analysis, production, and innovation. Our digital media studies (DMS) major combines:

We believe that those who understand the history and theory of media will be better producers of them. Likewise, those who know how media are produced will be better able to analyze them.

As a result, DMS is one of the few majors in the nation that combines the study, analysis, and interpretation of media with its production.

Program Highlights

Capstone Project

For their capstone experience students plan, design, construct, and deliver a digital media object of significant scope. Working as a team, they deploy their collective knowledge, skills, and expertise in the domain of media history, theory, aesthetics, and technology to review customer proposals and/or devise a project of their own design.

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Undergraduate Research

DMS students have the option of completing an undergraduate research project through independent study.

Here’s how to get started: