DMS Spotlights

The goal of this initiative is to highlight the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives in the Undergraduate Program in Digital Media Studies and help our community develop stronger connections and synergies. You can think of these spotlights as the beginning of a conversation that we very much hope you will continue in real life.

Our Community

April 25, 2022

mojin-yu.jpgMojin Yu

UX Designer

What is your degree?
I have a double major in digital media studies and psychology from the University of Rochester and an MS in human centered design and engineering from the University of Washington.

April 18, 2022

Skye Dole with a city scape in the background.Skye Dole

Human Resources Business Partner

What has your career path been like?
If you told me I’d be working in HR back at UR I wouldn’t have believed you. I originally moved to China to teach English and travel, but I ended up falling in love with the country and started working in recruitment with my first company.

April 11, 2022

A headshot of Robert.Robert Petrosyan


Why did you choose DMS?
Here I can collaborate, learn from, and co-design prototypes that allow me to explore my full potential and step out of my comfort zone.