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Undergraduate Program

Capstone Project

DMS Graduation

For their capstone experience students plan, design, construct, and deliver a digital media object of significant scope. Working as a team, they deploy their collective knowledge, skills, and expertise in the domain of media history, theory, aesthetics, and technology to review customer proposals and/or devise a project of their own design.


  • Aster - Creating an anti-war video game
  • Digital Room - Designing an immersive Digital Media experience
  • Eat & Save-ry - Developing an app linking students with local restaurants to minimize food waste
  • Oeuvre - Developing an augmented reality app for the Memorial Art Gallery
  • Thinc. - Creating a front page campus news aggregator


  • BranchOut - Developed a social networking app to pair University of Rochester students with one another based on social psychology research
  • GMRCRD - Designed a service to bridge the gap between pro and amateur gamers
  • Lilac - Created a website designed to connect students to events in the Rochester-area
  • Safe Ride Digital - Created an app to help improve the efficiency of the Safe Ride program on campus