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Emphasizing hands-on research

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Supporting the drive for discovery

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Featuring state-of-the-art technology

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Our research spans virtually all areas of modern chemical research and related fields.

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Graduate Studies

Our PhD program features internationally recognized research and a small student/faculty ratio.

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Major & Minor

Pursue a degree or take courses in chemistry. Undergraduates can consider our five-year BS/MS degree program.

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Seminars & Colloquia

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Recent News

Light emitting quantum dots could ease synthesis of novel compounds

May 29, 2017

At one time you could wander through the labs of pharmaceutical companies and hardly ever see light ...

Ignacio Franco Selected as Recipient of ACS OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

May 17, 2017

Ignacio Franco, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics, was awarded the ACS OpenEye Outstandin ...

Jones Receives Royal Society of Chemistry Award

May 10, 2017

William Jones, the Charles F. Houghton Professor of Chemistry, will receive the 2017 Organometallic ...

Antonio Tinoco Selected as Recipient of a Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

May 1, 2017

Antonio Tinoco (2rd year graduate student in the Fasan Group) was awarded a Ford Predoctoral Fe ...

Undergraduate Chemistry Awards

April 20, 2017

The following seniors have won Chemistry Awards, and will be recognized at this year’s Chemist ...

Summer Programs

From research opportunities to coursework, undergraduate students can make the most of the summer semester at Rochester.

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Did you know?

Because of its size and resources, our department’s infrastructure ranks among the best in the nation, with state-of-the-art instrumentation, labs, and technologies.

Hutchison Hall, which houses the department, is named in honor of Charles Force Hutchison, a chemistry student and University benefactor who graduated in 1897.

The study of chemistry at Rochester has thrived and grown since the University’s founding in 1850.

William Jones

Research Spotlight

Want better alternative fuel? Convert ethanol to butanol more efficiently.

A research team, led by Professor of Chemistry William Jones, has developed a series of reactions that results in the selective conversion of ethanol to butanol, without producing unwanted byproducts. “Butanol is much better than ethanol as an alternative to gasoline. It yields more energy, is less volatile, and doesn’t cause damage to engines,” says Jones.

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