Undergraduate Program

BS in Biological Sciences

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BEB) Track

We require students to maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) in the major, excluding allied field courses. See the advising page for information on how to declare your major, who your program advisor is, double majors, double degrees, petitioning for exceptions and more.

Major Requirements

Introductory Courses (3 Courses)

Select one of the following:

Select one of the following:

Select one of the following:

Laboratory Experience (3 Courses)

Advanced Courses: (4 or 5 Courses)

Majors may take either 3 advanced electives and 1 diversification elective, or 2 advanced electives and 2 diversification electives.

Plus three of the following:

Diversification Elective (1 or 2 Courses)

Select one course from the BEB diversification electives list. This course must be approved by the track coordinator and should be outside of the BEB major. 

Note: BIO 217: Principles of Human Anatomy with Lab and BIO/BME 258: Human Anatomy may not be used to satisfy the diversification requirement.

Ancillary Requirements (9 Courses with Indicated Labs)

Both of the following general chemistry courses:

One of the following organic chemistry I courses:

Note: CHM 171 and its associated lab, CHM 173, will also fulfill the organic chemistry requirement. Students completing both CHM 171 and 172 with associated labs do not need to take CHM 132.

One of the following physics I courses:

One of the following calculus I courses:

One of the following calculus II courses:

Biostatistics CHANGE NOTICE

BIO/STT 214—All BEB track students should take BIO/STT 214: Biostatistics if at all possible. If necessary, STT 213 or CSP/PSY 211 may be substituted. STT 212 will no longer be accepted, unless STT 201, 216, or 277 are also taken. Plus two of the following ancillary electives:

*AP credit will also be accepted for this course. See our advising page for more information about AP credit.

Upper-Level Writing (ULW) Requirements (2 Courses)

Both of the following:

*Students not taking BIO 270W are encouraged to take either BIO 272W, 275W, or 396W. Other upper-level courses are allowed by permission only.