Undergraduate Program

BS in Biological Sciences

Computational Biology (BCB) Track

We require students to maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) in the major, excluding allied field courses. See the advising page for information on how to declare your major, who your program advisor is, double majors, double degrees, petitioning for exceptions and more.

Want to learn about computational biology? See the Larracuente Lab’s blog post on computational biology to learn about the field and about what computational biologists do.

Major Requirements

Introductory Courses (3 Courses)

One of the following:

One of the following:

One of the following:

Advanced Courses (7 Courses)

BIO 214/218P: Biostatistics with lab*
BIO 257: Applied Genomics

Plus one of the following:


Plus one of the following biology electives:

Plus one of the following computational electives:

Plus one additional elective from either the biology or computational electives listed above.

*STT 212, STT 213 or CSC 232 may be substituted for BIO 214 upon request if the student performed well.

Diversification Elective (1 Course)

One 200-level course outside of the BCB major track, chosen from the diversification-electives list.

Ancillary Requirements (6 Courses with Indicated Labs)

Both of the following general chemistry courses:

One of the following organic chemistry I courses:

One of the following physics I courses:

One of the following calculus I courses:

One of the following calculus II courses:

*AP credit will also be accepted for this course. See our advising page for more information about AP credit.

Upper-Level Writing (ULW) Requirements (2 Courses)

All biology majors must complete two ULW courses. Although students are strongly encouraged to complete both ULW requirements by taking biological sciences courses (BIO, BCH, MBI, NSC), an upper-level writing course within a natural sciences discipline may also be used to meet one of the requirements.

Writing courses within the humanities and social sciences may not be applied to the biology major. See upper-level writing requirement for more information on which courses satisfy this requirement.