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Kerfala Bangoura

Bangoura, Kerfala "Fana"

  • Director, UR West African Drumming Ensemble
Dan Beaumont

Beaumont, Daniel E.

  • Associate Professor of Arabic Language and Literature


Interests: Arabic Languages and Literature


Curt Cadorette

Cadorette, Curt

  • John Henry Newman Associate Professor of Catholic Studies

Interests: Catholicism in the Americas; Liberation Theology

Anthony T. Carter

Carter, Anthony T.

  • Professor Emeritus

Interests: rural politics; kinship and marriage; households and personhood


Kristin Doughty

Doughty, Kristin

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Director, Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

Interests: political and legal anthropology; politics of reconciliation; transitional justice; violence and conflict; memory; politics of energy; Africa; Rwanda

Joshua Dubler

Dubler, Joshua

  • Assistant Professor of Religion

Interests: Religion in America


Sasha Eloi

Eloi, Sasha

  • Instructor, Linguistics
Stanley Engerman

Engerman, Stanley

  • Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Interests: Economic History; Economics of Sports


Margarita Guillory

Guillory, Margarita Simon

  • Assistant Professor of Religion

Interests: African-American Religions; American Religious History


T. Emil Homerin

Homerin, T. Emil

  • Professor of Religion

Interests: Islam; Arabic Literature; Mysticism

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Hudson, Larry E.

  • Associate Professor of History

Interests: African-American History; Comparative Slavery; Civil War and Reconstruction; New South; Theory and Methods of Oral History


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Inikori, Joseph E.

  • Professor of History
    Professor of African and African-American Studies

Interests: Atlantic World Economic History


Cilas Kemedjio

Kemedjio, Cilas

  • Professor of French
  • Director, the Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies

Interests: Francophone Caribbean and African literary and cultural studies; postcolonial theory; transnational black studies; humanitarianism

Jennifer Kyker

Kyker, Jennifer

  • Associate Professor of Music, College Department of Music, University of Rochester
    Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, Eastman School of Music


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Mandala, Elias C.

  • Professor of History

Interests: Southern Africa since the 19th Century; Social History

John Michael

Michael, John

  • Professor of English and Visual and Cultural Studies
  • Director of American Studies

Interests: American literature; critical theory; cultural studies


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Papaioannou, Julie

  • Associate Professor of Instruction in French
    Language Coordinator for French

Interests: French language and culture; French and Francophone literature and film (twentieth and twenty-first centuries); French literary translation; French criticism, literary and postcolonial theory


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Radegonde-Eison, Ghislaine

  • Program Manager
Nora Rubel

Rubel, Nora

  • Associate Professor of Religion; Director, Susan B Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies
  • Chair, Department of Religion and Classics

Interests: American Judaism; Religion and Foodways


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Saab, A. Joan

  • Associate Professor of Art History and Visual and Cultural Studies

Interests: Twentieth-century American cultural history; media and culture; urban and community studies; popular culture; cultural studies; aesthetic categories and values

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Sen, Maya

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science


Jeffrey Tucker

Tucker, Jeffrey Allen

  • Associate Professor of English

Interests: African-American literature; 20th-century American literature; science fiction


Sharon Willis

Willis, Sharon

  • Professor, Art and Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies

Interests: Film history and theory; visual and cultural studies; women's studies and feminist theory; comparative literature and critical theory; French cinema; 19th and 20th century French literature