Core Faculty


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Bridges, William H., IV

  • Arthur Satz Professor of the Humanities
    Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures

Interests: Modern Japanese language, literature, and culture; Race and ethnicity in modern Japanese literature and culture; Contemporary Japanese popular culture, especially anime; 20th-century African American literature; Literary theory, especially African American literary theory and the theory of the novel; Translation (theory and practice); Rhetoric and composition; Digital Humanities


Kristin Doughty

Doughty, Kristin

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Interim Director, SBAI

Interests: political and legal anthropology; politics of reconciliation; transitional justice; violence and conflict; memory; politics of energy; Africa; Rwanda

Joshua Dubler

Dubler, Joshua

  • Associate Professor of Religion
  • Director, Rochester Education Justice Initiative

Interests: Religion in America


Headshot of Jordan Ealey.

Ealey, Jordan


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Black Studies

Interests: Black feminist theory and praxis; Black theatre and performance; Nineteenth and twentieth century Black intellectual history, sound studies, popular music, and Black girlhood studies


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Hunter, Cory

  • Assistant Professor of Music, Arthur Satz Department of Music, School of Arts & Sciences
    Assistant Professor of Musicology, Eastman School of Music


Joseph Inikori Headshot

Inikori, Joseph E.

  • Professor Emeritus of History

Interests: Atlantic World Economic History


Cilas Kemedjio

Kemedjio, Cilas

  • Professor of French

Interests: Francophone Caribbean and African literary and cultural studies; postcolonial theory; transnational black studies; humanitarianism

Jennifer Kyker

Kyker, Jennifer

  • Associate Professor of Music, Arthur Satz Department of Music, School of Arts & Sciences
    Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, Eastman School of Music


Elias Mandala Headshot

Mandala, Elias C.

  • Professor of History

Interests: Southern Africa since the 19th Century; Social History

Kathryn Mariner

Mariner, Kathryn

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

Interests: intimacy and social inequality; politics of race, class and gender; temporality; kinship and adoption; care; social work; space and place; visual anthropology; United States

Marshall, Cona

  • Assistant Professor of American Religions

Interests: Womanism, Black feminism, the Black church (as an institution), and African American public religious rhetoric

Professor McCune.

McCune, Jeffrey Q., Jr.

  • Frederick Douglass Professor
    Associate Professor of English
    Associate Professor of Black Studies
  • Chair, Faculty Programs and Departmental Initiatives, Department of Black Studies
Headshot of Philip McHarris.

McHarris, Philip V.


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Black Studies

Interests: Racial inequality, housing, and policing

John Michael

Michael, John

  • John Hall Deane Professor of Rhetoric and Poetry
    Professor of English
    Professor of Visual and Cultural Studies
  • Director, American Studies
    Interim Chair, Department of Black Studies

Interests: American literature; critical theory; cultural studies


Profile Photo Omelsky

Omelsky, Matthew

  • Assistant Professor of English
    Assistant Professor of Visual and Cultural Studies
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Black Studies

Interests: Global black cultural studies; African, African American, and Caribbean literatures; film and media studies; speculative aesthetics; time and phenomenology; critical theory.


Pablo Sierra Silva Headshot

Sierra Silva, Pablo M.

  • Associate Professor of History

Interests: African Diaspora, Latin American and Atlantic History


Jeffrey Tucker

Tucker, Jeffrey Allen

  • Associate Professor of English
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of English

Interests: African-American literature; 20th-century American literature; science fiction


Sharon Willis

Willis, Sharon

  • Fanny Knapp Allen Professor of Fine Arts
    Professor of Art and Art History
    Professor of Visual and Cultural Studies

Interests: Film history and theory; visual and cultural studies; women's studies and feminist theory; comparative literature and critical theory; French cinema; 19th and 20th century French literature