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Lessons at Eastman

Any undergraduate student who performs at an intermediate level, reads music fluently, and qualifies by audition can study privately at the Eastman School of Music. These individual studio lessons at Eastman are offered for collegiate credit (you may not audit) and count towards your total hours of registration each semester. Lessons are typically taught by graduate teaching assistants.

Please note, if you are currently taking lesson you are not required to re-audition. Instead you will receive an email from Amanda Sharpe (ESM Academic Affairs) with registration instructions.


Students wishing to take individual studio lessons (Fall 2023 semester) must audition first. STUDENTS MUST FILL OUT THE  AUDITION WEB FORM - REGARDLESS OF THE AUDITION FORMAT. 

Audition sign-up (filing out the audition web form ) will open on April 4, 2023.  You should sign-up/fill-out web form as soon as possible after that date, but no later than 5PM, Friday August 25, 2023. 

Note that you may not register for lessons in UR Student/Workday until after you have passed the audition.  At that time, your instructor will provide a code with which you can register.  

The format for auditions varies.  With a few exceptions, in-person auditions will be held on or video recordings due by the first weekend of classes (September 1 & 2, 2023).  If in-person, you will be notified of the specific day and time nolaterthan Monday, August 28, 2023, 5:00 PM EST. 

If you receive an email verification at the time of filling out and submitting your audition web form, you are "signed-up." and will not receive your audition day or time until August 28, 2023.

Please note you must fill out the audition web form, regardless. 

Click on the links below for specific information (if your instrument does not have an info link yet, keep checking this page as up-to-date information is still coming in) [Revised 4/4/2023].

For more in-depth information, please visit and read the following page: Individual Studio Lessons for River Campus Students

Lessons for Beginners

Students who are interested in taking beginner-level classes can do so through the Eastman Community Music School (ECMS) without credit and for a fee. For more information, please call (585) 274-1400 or visit the ECMS website.

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Practice Rooms


The primary location of practice rooms on the River Campus are in Spurrier Hall (located between the Towers athletic field and Susan B. Anthony Hall). See a map of rooms. Rooms are currently available 8 AM to 11:30 PM [NOTE- SEE UP-TO-DATE HOURS HERE] There are other, more restricted-use, rooms in Strong auditorium.  Said Strong rooms are available to 1) music majors/minors; 2) students taking ESM 160 Primary lesson; and 3) students storing orchestral instruments in Strong.

All of these rooms are kept locked and by online reservation only (see below)To gain access to the online reservations (called "EMS") and to get a key to the rooms, follow the "How to access online reservations"  steps below (read below for more details).

The cost for new* room access (key and reservation account) is a one-timefee of $50 ($40 fee, plus a refundable $10 deposit).  CASH or CHECK ONLY, please.  Note this fee may be reduced or waived for students of documented financial need (contact the Music Department, in confidence, for more information).

*"New" meaning you do not have keys or access to the practice rooms, never had a key or keys, etc.: first-year, transfer or have not purchased a key before Fall 2020

How to access on-line reservations

  1. Download & print the form - New Practice Room
  2. Make an appointment for submitting the form and paying the fee here [use 'Jimmy! Practice Room Authorization' schedule)
  3. Either email before or bring the completed formand $50 cash or check at the time chosen above.
  4. After your appointment, and upon approval, you will receive authorization and instructions to begin reserving the practice rooms.

Practice Room Policies

[Please read carefully]

These general policies apply to all practice spaces (Spurrier and Strong) [Revised 11/9/22]:

1. Reservations required: All practice rooms on the River Campus mustbereserved - on-line- in advance. There are no exceptions. You may not use a room, unless you reserve said room online first. See “How to get access to on-line reservations” for details (if you don't, you won't be able to make reservations . . .).

2. Authorized use only. You may only reserve and use a room for yourself (the authorized user), no one else. You may not reserve a room for someone else, under your account or name. This means no sharing accounts, passwords or IDs. No exceptions.

3. Using only the room you reserve: You must use the specific room that you reserved. As an example, - if you reserve G30, you must use G30, not G31 nor G29, even if those rooms are unoccupied. No room switching. Use the room you reserved.

4. Occupancy limits: All practice rooms are limited to an occupancy of one (1) student at a time. No exceptions. ONE [1] OCCUPANT PER ROOM. Failure to abide by this limit will result in immediate revocation of practice room access. For practicing with another person and/or group practice (Chamber Ensembles, Jazz Combos, etc.) email Jimmy Warlick

5. Cleaning rooms and pianos: Students will adhere to posted cleaning protocols in all practice rooms and utilize the provided cleaning products as instructed. While the University has implemented enhanced cleaning protocols throughout the facilities, individual students are responsible for cleaning their practice room before and after each session. Put simply - you will clean/disinfect the room and the piano therein before and after practicing. Cleaning is to be done within and considered a part of the reservation time.

6. Emergency monitoring: If the situation warrants (surge of infections) on-site student workers, who have access to the on-line reservation schedules, will monitor the practice rooms to ensure students are practicing only in rooms previously reserved and following all other practice room rules and regulations.

7. There will be periodic checks by building managers throughout the day and evening.

8. Students who violate the practice room policies (including uncivil and/or disrespectful behavior toward building managers or student monitors, if said monitors become necessary) will lose their access to the practice rooms and may be subject to disciplinary action per the University of Rochester Student Code of Conduct.

9. These polices are subject to change throughout the semester. The Music Department and Office of Academic Affairs will solicit student and faculty feedback throughout the semester and will work diligently to ensure that students have appropriate access to practice spaces.

Private Percussion Practice Rooms (drum set)

There are four (4) shared drum kit (private percussion) rooms in Spurrier, but you mustprovideyour own drum kit.  Contact Jimmy Warlickfor details [revised 11/9/22].
No drum battles!

 No Drum Battles

For students seeking non-ensemble or non-academic band rehearsal space (i.e., those wondering, "Where can my rock/metal/punk-fusion/jam band rehearse on campus?"), contact our friends at the MIF (Music Interest Floor) located at the top of Wilder Tower in Jackson Court.

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Instrument Storage

We have a limited number of rooms for both practice and storage of percussion equipment, large strings (double bass and cello), and larger brass instruments. These rooms are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis to students participating in ensembles or taking lessons at Eastman.  The cost for the required set of keys is $50 ($40 fee, plus a refundable $10 deposit), CASH or CHECK ONLY.

Contact Jimmy Warlick for details.

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Instrument Loans and Repairs

The Department has certain instruments for loan. However these are reserved for use by members of the ensembles and for specific ensemble use only.  Contact Jimmy Warlick for details.

If you are having problems with your instrument (brass, winds, strings, guitars, percussion, electronic, etc.) contact Jimmy Warlick in the Music Department, as he can either fix the problem, or if it is something beyond his expertise, can facilitate repair at one of the local repair shops.  Most issues with instruments are minor and can often be remedied on the spot, so if you are having problems do not panic. Instead, contact Jimmy and he will tell you whether to panic or not . . .

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