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Albers-Morris, Catherine

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    MA, BA, University of Mississippi

Interests: Medieval literature; Alexander romance; global Middle Ages; Multispectral Imaging; Textual Science; Digital Humanities


Melissa Balmain

Balmain, Melissa

  • Adjunct Instructor

Beljanski, Tanja

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    MA, BA, University of Cologne
    MA, University of Rochester

Interests: Contemporary American literature, film, and television, media studies, intertextuality and intermediality, affect, emotions, and the visceral, temporalities of the contemporary, gender, sexuality and women’s studies

Professor of English David Bleich

Bleich, David

  • Professor

Interests: Literary and language theory; writing and language pedagogy; women's studies; science studies; Jewish studies; film and popular culture

Bowen, Mead

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    MA, Aberystwyth University
    BA, University of Florida

Interests: Anglo-Celtic literature and interactions in the Middle Ages; animal studies and ecocriticism; constructions of wildness in gender identity and space; borderlands; marginalized figures; monstrosity and race; science and literature

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Burges, Joel

  • (on leave for academic year 2021-22)
    Associate Professor of English and Visual & Cultural Studies

Interests: Post-1945 cultural studies; media studies; critical theory; American and contemporary literature


Chitrakar, Yash

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    BA, Washburn University

Interests: Metamodernism, Modern and Postmodern literature and film, Aesthetics and ethics, Literary theory

Cho, Seung

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    MA, University of Rochester
    BA, Soongsil University

Interests: Early Modern Literature; Shakespeare and Renaissance Poetry; Negative Capability and Theology; Tragedy and Philosophy

Conklin, Ashley

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    MA, Boston College
    BA, University of Connecticut

Interests: Medieval literature; Violence in romance and hagiography; Monstrosity; Marginalized figures

Corbeaux, Claire

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    BA, SUNY College at Geneseo

Interests: Twentieth-century and contemporary American Literature; speculative fiction; identity; community; science and literature


Delcourt, Steffi

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    MA, University of Rochester
    BA, Emory University

Interests: Medieval Literature, Middle English Romances, the Arthurian Tradition, Identity, Spatial Theory, Medieval death culture


Morris Eaves

Eaves, Morris

  • Professor of English and Richard L. Turner Professor of Humanities
  • Director, A. W. Mellon Graduate Program in the Digital Humanities, the School of Arts & Sciences

Interests: British Romanticism; Media history and theory; Editorial theory; William Blake Archive Project


Katie Farrell

Farrell, Katie

  • Administrative Assistant, Theater Program

Fessenmeyer, Victor

  • Selznick Program

Interests: Film Studies and Preservation

Brady Fletcher

Fletcher, Brady

  • Instructor
  • Director of Forensics, Debate Union

Francisco, Erin

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    MA, University of Rochester
    MFA, California College of the Arts
    BA, Elmira College

Interests: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Literature, Humor Studies, Environmental Humanities, Critical Race Theory, Public Humanities.

Fryman, Jayce

  • Selznick Program

Interests: Film Preservation


Garcia, Antonia

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    BA, University of Rochester

Interests: Sankofarration, Horror film and literature, Black Speculative 20th an 21st century literature, folktales, trauma studies

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Gilbert, Natina

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    Oberlin College, BA

Interests: Twentieth-century American, Poetry and Poetics

Green, Meaghan

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    BA, North Central College

Interests: British Literature, Romanticism, Aesthetics and Images

Kenneth Gross

Gross, Kenneth

  • Alan F. Hilfiker Distinguished Professor of English

Interests: Shakespeare; lyric poetry; Renaissance literature; romance

Jennifer Grotz

Grotz, Jennifer

  • Professor of English

Interests: Poetry; creative writing; translation

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Gunter, Sherri

  • Department Administrator


Thomas Hahn

Hahn, Thomas

  • Professor

Interests: Medieval literature and culture; popular culture

David Hansen headshot

Hansen, David

  • Adjunct Instructor of English

Harper, Alison

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    MA, University of Chicago
    MA, University of York
    BA, St Hilda's College, Oxford University

Interests: Fifteenth-century popular literature; Medieval household miscellanies; Afterlife of texts, focus on fanfiction and other forms of textual adaptation

Gregory Heyworth

Heyworth, Gregory

  • Associate Professor of English and Textual Science; Director, Lazarus Project
Sarah Higley

Higley, Sarah L

  • Professor

Interests: Medieval vernacular languages and literature of Northern Europe; film and media studies; fiction

Hinsenkamp, Jane

Name only

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    MEd, Harvard
    BA, Harvard

Interests: Science Fiction; Ursula K. Le Guin; Utopian Studies; Queer Studies; Narrative Game Theory; Tabletop Role-playing Games and Performance Studies

Huskin, Kyle

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    BA, Georgetown College

Interests: medieval literature, gender and authority, multispectral imaging, codicology, manuscript cultures, textual sciences


Jarzyna, Luke

Name only

  • PhD Program
  • Prior Degrees
    BA, Grinnell College

Interests: poetics, literary formalism, 20th-21C American, African American and Afro-diasporic literature, ordinary language philosophy

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Johnson, Bruce

  • Professor Emeritus

    Johnson, Audrey

    • Selznick Program

    Interests: Film Studies, Preservation

    Profile Photo

    Jones, Sarah

    • Managing Editor, Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly


    Rosemary Kegl

    Kegl, Rosemary

    • Associate Professor

    Interests: Shakespeare and English Renaissance drama; early modern literature and culture; literary theory; gender studies

    Kephart, Daniel

    • PhD Program
    • Prior Degrees
      MA, Texas Tech University
      BA, Waynesburg University

    Interests: Medieval literature; economics in storytelling; medieval social justifications of violence; race-making in the Middle Ages; aesthetics; the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

    Kingsley, Joey

    • PhD Program
    • Prior Degrees
      MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University
      BA, College of the Holy Cross

    Interests: British Romantic and Victorian Literature; Victorian Studies; Poetry and Poetics

    Kathy Kingsley

    Kingsley, Kathryn

    • Program Assistant

    Kumar, Sakshi

    • MA Program
    • Prior Degrees
      BA, SUNY College at Geneseo

    Interests: Twentieth-century African American literature; Poetry; Speculative fiction; Medieval literature, Gender and Sexuality; Identity

    Kusmierek, William

    Name only

    • PhD Program
    • Prior Degrees
      BA, University of Rochester

    Interests: spatiotemporal considerations in literature, reader reception, the relationship between text and the image, and American/British/Russian literature from 1910 to 1960


    Lang, Amanda

    • PhD Program
    • Prior Degrees
      BA, St. John Fisher College
      MA, University of Rochester

    Interests: English Renaissance Drama and Theater; Women and Theater in early modern England

    Latella, Luke

    • PhD Program
    • Prior Degrees
      BA, Hobart College

    Interests: British and Irish Modernism; American Postmodernism; Transatlantic Studies; Literature and national identity

    Bette London

    London, Bette

    • Professor

    Interests: Twentieth-century British literature; Victorian literature and culture; feminist theory; women's writing; authorship studies

    James Longenbach

    Longenbach, James

    • Joseph Henry Gilmore Professor of English

    Interests: Modernism; poetry; creative writing

    Lowman, Emily

    • PhD Program
    • Prior Degrees
      BA, College of William and Mary

    Interests: Medieval literature, Celtic literature, Arthurian tradition, Old English literature, folklore; temporal theory, spatial theory; critical race theory

    Lukenbill, Mackenzie

    • Selznick Program
    • Prior Degrees
      BA, NYU

    Interests: Film and video preservation and restoration, public access, HIV/AIDS video activism, personal and community archives

    Alan Lupack

    Lupack, Alan

    • Emeritus Director of the Rossell Hope Robbins Library and the Koller-Collins Graduate English Center

    Interests: Arthurian studies; Middle English literature; medievalism


    Nigel Maister

    Maister, Nigel

    • Senior Lecturer
    • Russell and Ruth Peck Artistic Director, the International Theatre Program

    Interests: New music; multimedia performance

    Katherine Mannheimer

    Mannheimer, Katherine

    • Associate Professor of English
    • Chair , Department of English

    Interests: Restoration; Eighteenth-century literature

    Profile Photo

    Marra, Abbey

    • PhD Program
    • Prior Degrees
      University of Bristol, MA
      Southern Nazarene University, BA

    Interests: Film and Television Studies, Comedy, Gender Studies, Stardom and Celebrity, Popular Culture, Race and Representation

    Professor McCune.

    McCune, Jeffrey Q., Jr.

    • Associate Professor of African-American Literature and Culture
    • Director, Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies

    McDonald, Zoe

    • Selznick Program

    Interests: Film Studies and Preservation

    James Memmott

    Memmott, James

    • Adjunct Assistant Professor of English

    Interests: Journalism

    John Michael

    Michael, John

    • Professor of English and Visual and Cultural Studies
    • Director of American Studies

    Interests: American literature; critical theory; cultural studies

    Jason Middleton

    Middleton, Jason

    • Associate Professor of English and Visual and Cultural Studies
    • Director, Film and Media Studies Program

    Interests: Film and media studies; critical theory; cultural studies; horror

    William Miller

    Miller, William

    • Assistant Professor

    Interests: 17th century literature; 18th century literature; literature and religion; literature and philosophy

    Morrice, Santiago

    • PhD Program
    • Prior Degrees
      MA, Mills College
      BA, University of California-Merced

    Interests: Contemporary poetry and poetics; translation

    Carrie Morriss

    Morriss, Carrie

    • Graduate Program Coordinator

    Murray, Seth

    • PhD Program
    • Prior Degrees
      BA, Kent State University

    Interests: Long 19C American literature, history of the novel, genre theory, religion and literature, pragmatism, travel narratives


    Profile Photo Omelsky

    Omelsky, Matthew

    • Assistant Professor of English

    Interests: Global black cultural studies; African and Caribbean literatures; film and digital media; time and phenomenology; speculative fiction; critical theory.

    Profile Photo

    Ormsbee, Michael

    • PhD Program
    • Prior Degrees
      BA, Williams College

    Interests: 19th century British literature, literary theory and its history, recognition and form in the novel


    Russell Peck

    Peck, Russell A

    • Professor Emeritus of English and John H. Deane Professor Emeritus of Rhetoric and Poetry

    Interests: Middle English literature; medieval aesthetics; medieval intellectual history; myth and fairytale; history of drama and its performance; medievalism in British and American popular culture


    Supritha Rajan

    Rajan, Supritha

    • Associate Professor of English
    • Director, Graduate Studies

    Interests: Nineteenth-century British literature; critical theory; creative writing (poetry)

    Profile Photo

    Ramsey, Jarold

    • Professor Emeritus

      Rich, Robert

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        BA, University of Oregon
        MA, University of Rochester

      Interests: Nineteenth-Century British Literature, History of Economic Thought, Early Science Fiction

      Profile Photo

      Rosenow, James

      • Assistant Professor of English

      Rozenski, Steven

      • Assistant Professor

      Interests: Middle English devotional literature; translation studies; book history; medieval German and Dutch literature; trans-Reformation England


      Stephen Schottenfeld

      Schottenfeld, Stephen

      • Associate Professor of English

      Interests: Modern and contemporary literature; fiction writing; playwriting; screenwriting

      Joanna Scott

      Scott, Joanna

      • Roswell Smith Burrows Professor of English
      • Director, Literary Arts Programs

      Interests: Modern and contemporary fiction; the art of imaginative writing

      Sengupta, Oishani

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        MA, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
        BA, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

      Interests: global nineteenth century, race and media, visual print culture, digital archiving, Afro-Asian intimacies.

      Simon, Miles

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        MA, California State University-Northridge
        BA, California State University-Northridge

      Interests: Transatlantic Romanticism; Liminal spaces; Negative capability and theology; History of the daemon; Genre studies; Hybrid texts

      Skwiat, Matthew

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        MA, University of Rochester
        MA, Drew University
        BA, Kean University

      Interests: Rise of the Novel, Victorian Literature and Transatlantic Gothic Fiction

      Cara Smith

      Smith, Cara

      • Undergraduate Studies Coordinator
      Curt Smith

      Smith, Curt

      • Senior Lecturer in English

      Interests: Presidential rhetoric; American presidents of the radio/television age; Public speaking; Sports broadcasting, with emphasis on baseball, football, basketball, and hockey

      Soules, Katherine

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        MA, University of Rochester
        MA, Marshall University
        BA, Cedarville University

      Interests: Research interests: contemporary American literature, war & memory, literary theory & history of theory, intellectual history, philosophy, religion, aesthetics, visual art & history


      Tapia, Gabby

      Name only

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        BA, University of California, Irvine

      Interests: Ecocriticism, queer theory, Spinozist theories, absurdist literature, 19th-century British literature

      Ezra Tawil

      Tawil, Ezra

      • Professor

      Interests: American literature to 1900; rise of the novel; the literary history of race; American sentimentalism; transatlantic theories of the aesthetic

      Townsend, Dominique

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        BA, Pacific Union College

      Interests: Twentieth-century British and Anglophone literature, Modernism, Racial identity construction, Liminality, Critical Race Theory, Gender and Sexuality

      Jeffrey Tucker

      Tucker, Jeffrey Allen

      • Associate Professor of English
      • Director, Undergraduate Studies

      Interests: African-American literature; 20th-century American literature; science fiction


      Wallace, Tyler

      • Selznick Program

      Interests: film and media preservation, digital film restoration, film programming, archival practice & collections management, film projection, internet fan-subcultures, regional cinema, urban cinema of East Asia, outsider art, meta-cinema

      Wessels, Christian

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        MFA, Boston University
        BA, SUNY College at Brockport

      Interests: 20th century poetry and poetics; didactic poetry and public poetics; responses to New Criticism

      Woehl, Marcie

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        BA, University of North Dakota

      Interests: New media, public humanities, digital humanities, political rhetoric of the late 60s to mid-70s, and postmodernism.


      Yee, Pamela

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        BA, University of California, Berkeley

      Interests: Middle English romance and dream-visions, medieval medicine, illness narratives, medical humanities, the Arthurian tradition, medievalism, critical race theory, digital editions


      Zaloom, Rose

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        BA, Utica College

      Interests: Early Modern/Renaissance British Literature, Dramatic Literature, Representations and Dynamics of Violence, Theatrical Staging, Audience Experience, Prose and Poetic Narrative

      Zaman, Nasheed

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        MA, Kansas State University
        BA, North South University, Bangladesh

      Interests: Twentieth-century American Literature; African-American Literature; Literary theory

      Zawacki, Alexander

      • PhD Program
      • Prior Degrees
        MA, Bangor University, Wales
        BS, Susquehanna University

      Interests: High and late medieval literature, insular romance, multispectral imaging, textual science, the digital humanities