Our department offers 12 clusters, all in the humanities academic division. Contact the director of undergraduate studies with any questions.

Literature and Cultural Identity (H1ENG001)

In this cluster students can work in a range of courses involving questions of national, ethnic and racial identity. How do issues of ethnic and racial identity figure in forms of literary and cultural expression for authors and for readers? How does our own cultural identity affect the way we read and think about literature?

Gender and Writing (H1ENG002)

This cluster focuses on gender and its impact on writing. Students learn about what it meant to be a man or a woman in a specific cultural or historical moment and how this affected the way literature is read and written.

American and African American Studies (H1ENG006)

Students interested in the diverse traditions and cultures of the United States can pursue and develop those interests in this cluster. What is an American? Is there a distinctive American tradition in literature or culture? How do Americans negotiate their multiethnic, multiracial identity? Students in this cluster can pursue a distinct track in African American literature and culture.

Medieval Studies (H1ENG007)

This cluster explores the literature and language of England from the ninth to the sixteenth centuries, as well as the roots that contributed to it and modern adaptations of it.

Modern and Contemporary Literature (H1ENG008)

This cluster explores the literature and culture of the twentieth century—a time marked by confusion and crisis, chaos and catastrophe. It was also a time of innovation and experiment, giving rise to radically new and exciting forms of literary expression. Students explore and compare some of the distinct genres of the modern era.

Novels (H1ENG009)

Novels have always been a popular literary form; some would argue that they are the most significant literary development of the modern era. This cluster allows students to investigate the appeal of novels and the power of different storytelling traditions.

Great Books, Great Authors (H1ENG010)

People have always associated the study of literature with its great authors, its great books. But the idea of what constitutes canonical "greatness" changes from age to age. This cluster introduces students to both prestigious and well-known authors, as well as new voices in literature.

Plays, Playwrights, and Theater (H1ENG011)

This cluster concentrates on dramatic literature and history, with one segment of production/performance emphasis.

Poems, Poetry, and Poetics (H1ENG012)

This cluster focuses on the history, theory, and practice of verse expression in the English language.

Creative Writing (H1ENG015)

This cluster gives students a chance to write original poetry and fiction and to study influential modern and contemporary writers with an eye to developing their own style.

Media, Culture and Communication (H1ENG016)

This cluster focuses on oral, written, and visual communication, in both the theoretical study of writing and media and the practical applications of journalism, publishing, and debate.

Theatre Production and Performance (H1ENG018)

This cluster allows students to study various aspects of theater performance, acting, and theatrical technique.