Steven Rozenski

  • Assistant Professor

PhD, Harvard University

416 Morey

Curriculum Vitae

Research Overview

Steven Rozenski studies late medieval literature and devotional culture, focusing particularly on the translation and adaptation of Continental contemplative texts in England both before and after the Reformation (ca. 1300-1600). He has written about medieval concepts of authorship, the role of aurality and music in Dominican mysticism, poetic form and bridal mysticism in Netherlandish beguine writing, as well as the interaction of text and image in illuminated manuscripts. As a translator of medieval German, Steven has published (with Klaus Pietschmann) selections of the verse autobiography of the fifteenth-century German singer and composer Johannes von Soest. Currently, he is working on a book on trans-Reformation English spirituality, an edition of Middle English texts by and about Catherine of Siena, and a translation of Henry Suso's Little Book of Eternal Wisdom.

Selected Publications

  • "A Light to Lighten the Gentiles: Stained Glass, The Prick of Conscience, and Theological Double Vision in All Saints (North Street), York" in Devotional Interaction in Medieval Britain and its Afterlives (forthcoming)
  • "Music, Mysticism, and the Task of Popularization: the Case of Meister Eckhart and Henry Suso" in Musik der mittelalterlichen Metropole: Räume, Identitäten, und Kontexte der Musik in Köln und Mainz ca. 900-1400, ed. Fabian Kolb (forthcoming)
  • "Authority and Exemplarity in Henry Suso and Richard Rolle" in The Medieval Mystical Tradition, ed. E.A. Jones (2013)
  • "The Promise of Eternity: Love and Poetic Form in Hadewijch's Liederen or Stanzaic Poems" in Exemplaria 22/4 (2010)
  • "'Your Ensaumple and Your Mirour': Hoccleve's Amplification of the Imagery and Intimacy of Henry Suso's Ars Moriendi" in Parergon 25/2 (2008)


  • History of the English Language, Medieval Mysticism, Autobiography 400-1800, Classical and Scriptural Backgrounds