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Undergraduate Program

Summer Courses

Psychology's summer courses run on two sessions of varying duration; either 4 or 6 weeks. 

Session OneSession Two
Four Week CourseMay 16–June 10June 27–July 22
Six Week CourseMay 16–June 24June 27–August 5

The Course Description/Course Schedule database includes a detailed schedule of the courses below. For information on how to register for summer courses please visit the Office of Summer Programs and Part-Time Studies.

2016 Course Listing

Session One - May 16-June 10

PSY 161. Social Psychology and Individual Differences. An introduction to the field of social psychology and an overview of research on individual differences in personality.  Topics include the self, attitudes, social cognition, emotion, interpersonal attraction, relationships, helping, social influence, group behavior, and dispositional differences among people.  

Instructor: Emily Greenwood

Schedule: MTWR, 9:00a-12:00p, Meliora Hall, Rm 474

PSY 209. Psychology of Human Sexuality.  Survey course on understanding human sexuality. Includes such topics as sex research, biological sexual differentiation, gender roles, attraction and intimacy, variant sexual behaviors, and the role of social and personal factors in psychosexual development.   

Instructor: Amanda Shaw

Schedule: MTWR, 1:00p-4:00p, Meliora Hall, Rm 474

PSY 267. Psychology of Gender. This course will examine gender from a psychological perspective, with a focus on the scientific literature in the area. Some of the topics that will be discussed are gender development, identity, differences and stereotypes. Gender differences will be discussed in terms of well-documented and research supported differences versus myths that have been perpetuated in our society. The implications of differential treatment based on gender stereotypes will also be evaluated.

Instructor: Christine Romero

Schedule: MTWR, 4:30p-7:30p, Meliora Hall, Rm 474

PSY 278. Adolescent Development.  This course surveys theory and research relating to normal development during adolescence.  Adolescent development is examined in a variety of contexts, including families, peer groups, and schools, and issues pertaining to biological, social, and cognitive development are discussed.

Instructor: Jessica Robinson

Schedule: MTWR, 9:00a-12:00p, Meliora Hall, Rm 474

Session Two - June 27-July 22

PSY 181. Theories of Personality and Psychotherapy. A survey of personality, emphasizing modern theoretical approaches, basic methods of investigation, and the relations of these theories to psychotherapy and behavioral change.

Instructor: Thuy-vy Nguyen

Schedule: MTWR, 1:00p-4:00p, Meliora Hall, Rm 474

PSY 282. Abnormal Psychology.  This course provides a conceptual overview to the field of psychopathology. We will discuss assessment and diagnosis, etiology, developmental course, treatment, and prognosis of the major psychological disorders. Current theory and research will be emphasized.

Instructor: Jennifer Suor

Schedule: MTWR, 9:00a-12:00p, Meliora Hall, Rm 474

Session Two- June 27-August 5

PSY 101. Introduction to Psychology. This course is a balanced and integrated survey of psychology with coverage of both social and natural science domains.  Sections of PSY 101 vary, but most consist of lectures, readings, discussions, and demonstrations. 

Instructor: Karisa Lee

Schedule: MTWR, 4:30p-6:45p, Meliora Hall, Rm 474