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Graduate Program

Advanced Quantitative Methods

The department offers coursework in basic and advanced quantitative methods across a variety of statistical techniques. The goal of this sequence is to develop student knowledge and expertise in different methodological tools in order to help students advance their own substantive area of research. 

The department also sponsors the HSDg (Having Statistical Discussions Group), a methodology study group which meets on a monthly basis to:

  • Discuss current directions in quantitative methods
  • Offer support to students and faculty with questions pertaining to analyses
  • Demonstrate statistical applications to research questions of interest to faculty and students

Certificate in Quantitative Psychology

Students enrolled in one of the graduate programs in the Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology may work toward a Certificate in Quantitative Psychology.

The certificate program trains students in the application of advanced methodological and statistical methods. It enables students to engage in high quality methodological practices within their substantive areas.

Upon completion of the requirements, the certificate will be recorded on the student's official records and may be listed on the student's curriculum vitae.

CSP Quantitative Methods Courses

CSP 504: Data Analysis I
CSP 515: Hierarchical Linear Modeling
CSP 516: Structural Equation Modeling I
CSP 514: Structural Equation Modeling II
CSP 510: Research Methods in Social-Personality Psychology
CSP 562: Developmental Research Methods
CSP 572: Introduction to Clinical Research Methods