Recent Graduates

Current Positions

2023 (Clinical)

Esposito, Erika
Post-doctoral Fellow, McLean Hospital, Adolescent DBT Research and Clinical Psychology

Pollard, AJ
Clinical Post-doctoral Resident, University of California, San Diego

2023 (Social)

Gilbert, Karen
Research Analyst, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute

2022 (Clinical)

Daks, Jennifer
Post-doctoral Fellow, VA Boston, Geropsychology

Huang, Meghan
Post-doctoral Fellow, Durham VA

Kearns, Jaclyn
Post-doctoral Fellow, Boston VA, National Center for PTSD

Warmingham, Jennifer
Post-doctoral Research Scientist, Columbia University Irving Medical Center

2022 (Developmental)

Jacques, Debrielle
Assistant Professor of Clinical Child Psychology, University of Washington

Thompson, Morgan
Post-doctoral Fellow, Auburn University

2022 (Social)

Black, Alexandra
Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Li, Chen
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut

2021 (Clinical)

Adams, Tangeria
Post-doctoral Fellow, Genesee Valley Psychology

Keith, Jessica
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Rochester Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry

Li, Irina
MIRECC Post-doctoral Fellow, Seattle VA

Shaw, Zoey
Post-doctoral Fellow, Boston Harvard Medical School

Vallejo Sefair, Ana
Post-doctoral Fellow, Emergency Medicine, UMASS Chan Medical School

2021 (Social)

Gordils, Jonathan
Assistant Professor in Psychology, University of Hartford

2021 (Developmental)

Yoo, Ha Na
Assistant Professor, University of Utah Asia Campus in South Korea

2020 (Clinical)

Alto, Michelle
Post-doctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

Demeusy, Elizabeth
Clinical Psychologist, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital

2020 (Developmental)

Robinson, Jessica
Visiting Lecturer, St. John Fisher College

2019 (Clinical)

Cubit, Laura
Research Psychologist, Center for Autism Research, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Rolffs, Jaci
Clinician, Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, Iowa City, IA

Schauder, Kimberly
Post-doctoral Fellow, Children's National Medical Center

Suor, Jennifer
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Illinois at Chicago

2019 (Social)

Hangen, Emily
Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Lee, Karisa
Quantitative Researcher, Facebook

McPhetres, Jonathon
Assistant Professor, Durham University

Thorstenson, Christopher
Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

2018 (Clinical)

Crasta, Dev
Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Veterans Affairs

Dubler, Brooke
Psychologist, Private Practice, Tacoma, WA

Guild, Danielle
Psychologist, Private Practice, Atlanta, GA

Michl-Petzing, Louisa
Early Childhood Outreach Program, Washburn Center for for Children

2018 (Developmental)

Ball, Courtney
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Coe, Jesse
Post-doctoral Fellow, Brown University

Shubert, Jennifer
Assistant Professor, Utah Valley College

2018 (Social)

DeHaan, Cody
Senior Researcher, Immersyve, Inc.

Nguyen, Thuy-vy
Assistant Professor, Durham University

Peters, Brett
Assistant Professor, Ohio University

2017 (Clinical)

Oakes, Leona
Assistant Professor, University of Rochester, Departments of Neuroscience & Pediatrics

Schultz, Patricia
Clinical Instructor, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Shaw, Amanda
Psychologist, Private Practice, Rochester, NY

Zampella, Casey
Scientist, Center for Autism Research, Philadelphia, PA

2017 (Social)

Korn, Rachel
Research Director, UC Hastings

O'Keefe, Stephanie
Research Specialist, University of Michigan

2016 (Developmental)

Jambon, Marc
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

Manning, Liviah
Performance Integration Manager, Texas State Health & Human Services Commission

2016 (Social)

de Jong, David
Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University

2015 (Clinical)

Lax, Rachael
Psychologist, Private Practice, Rochester, NY

Harrison, Bryan
Psychologist, Private Practice, Rochester, NY

Walsh, Christine
Staff Psychologist, Towson University Counseling Center, and Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychology, Towson University

2015 (Developmental)

Hentges, Rochelle
Research Assistant Professor, Strong BRAIN Institute, East Tennessee State University

Skibo, Mike
Instructor, Westchester Community College

2015 (Social)

Maniaci, Michael
Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Pazda, Adam
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of South Carolina, Aiken

2014 (Clinical)

Dackis, Melissa
Clinical Assistant Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Gravener Davis, Julie
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Buffalo

Legate, Nicole
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology

Liebman, Rachel
Adjunct Professor, Ryerson University

Ragbeer, Shayne
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medical Psychology (in Psychiatry), Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

2014 (Developmental)

Martin, Meredith
Assistant Teaching Professor, Syracuse University

Rote, Wendy
Assistant Professor, University of South Florida at St. Petersburg

2014 (Social)

Silberman, Jordan
Medical Director, EdLogics

2013 (Clinical)

Gekker Gertsberg, Anna
Clinical Psychologist, Associated Neurologists, UConn Health

Peltz, Jack
Assistant Professor, Daemen College

Smith, Betsy
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Medical Center

Topciu, Raluca
Lecturer, University of Exeter

2013 (Developmental)

Villalobos, Myriam
Assistant Professor, Baruch College, CUNY Graduate Center

2013 (Social)

Anson, Jackie
Assistant Professor, Central Methodist University

Law, Wilbert
Educational Psychologist, Hong Kong University

2012 (Clinical)

Bozorgpour, Erin Gorman
Psychotherapist, Wolff Child Psychology

Stronach, Erin
Psychologist, Private Practice, Rochester, NY

Wheaton Kleinman, Kelly
Psychologist, Private Practice, Yarmouth, Maine

2012 (Developmental)

Bascoe, Sonnette
Assistant Professor, Roberts Wesleyan College

Comer, Jessamy
Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

2012 (Social)

Caprariello, Peter
Associate Professor, Marketing, College of Business, SUNY - StonyBrook

Smith, Shannon
Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology, University of Rochester

2011 (Clinical)

Bateman, Raquel
Associate Director of Training, Counseling & Psychological Services, Rochester Institute of Technology

Lee, Soonhee
Psychologist, University of Maryland, Counseling Center

Monacelli, Anthony
Psychologist, Private Practice, Rochester, NY

Saavedra Finger, Maria
Psychologist, Private Practice, Rochester, NY

2011 (Social-Personality)

Carmichael, Cheryl
Associate Professor, Psychology Department, Brooklyn College

Przybylski, Andrew
Associate Professor, University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute

2010 (Clinical)

Blender, Jenny
Psychologist, Private Practice, Rochester, NY

Couchman, Charles
Psychologist, Private Practice, Austin, TX

Funk, Jannette
Psychologist, Private Practice, Rochester, NY

Kuschner, Emily
Scientist/Licensed Psychologist, Center for Autism and Dept. of Radiology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Rodrigues, Amy
Psychologist, VA Western New York Healthcare System: Buffalo, NY

Weinstein, Netta
Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University, School of Psychology

2010 (Social-Personality)

Fryer, James
Associate Professor, SUNY Potsdam

Niemiec, Christopher
Associate Professor, University of Rochester, Department of Psychology

2009 (Clinical)

Cerrito, Beth
Psychologist, Private Practice, Rochester, NY

Teisl, Michael
Psychologist, Private Practice, Rochester, NY

2009 (Social-Personality)

McNelis, Kelly
Owner, The Family Freezer

O'Loughlin, Ryan
Associate Professor, Nazareth College

2008 (Clinical)

Cort, Natalie
Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology Department, William James College

Diehl, Joshua
Chief Program Officer, Autism Services, LOGAN Community Resources
Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

Kaufmann, Dagmar
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester

Valentino, Kristin
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Notre Dame

2008 (Developmental)

Metzger, Aaron
Associate Professor, Life-Span Developmental Psychology, West Virginia University

2008 (Social-Personality)

Friedman, Ron
CEO, Friedman Strategy Group; Founder, ignite80, Rochester, NY

2007 (Clinical)

Hoffman, Debra
Staff Psychologist, VA Medical Center, Canandaigua, NY

Silverman, Laura
Associate Professor, Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, University of Rochester

2007 (Developmental)

Campione-Barr, Nicole
Associate Professor, University of Missouri, Dept. of Psychological Science

2007 (Social-Personality)

Moller, Arlen
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology

Tsai, Fen-Fang
Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

2006 (Clinical)

Ilniczky, Nora
Psychologist, Private Practice, Brookline, MA

Settlage, Bonnie
Faculty, Saybrook University, California

Tesak, Jennifer
Licensed Psychologist, Private Practice, Utica, NY

2006 (Developmental)

Winter, Marcia
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University

2005 (Clinical)

Bernstein, Jessey
Psychologist, Private Practice, Westmount, Quebec, CANADA

2005 (Developmental)

Daddis, Christopher
Associate Professor of Psychology, Ohio State University at Marion