Undergraduate Program

Honors BA Requirements

The deadline for signing up for Honors BA is March 1 of the senior year. The deadline for presenting the talk is April 1 of the senior year.

Foundational Course Requirement

The following foundational courses must be completed before acceptance into the concentration:

Note: Alternatively, students may satisfy the Foundational Course Requirement by completing MTH 161, 162, 164, 165 and 235. Equivalent courses may be substituted for the above. Credit granted for AP courses may be used to satisfy foundational requirements.

Core Course Requirement

Students must complete the following three courses:

Advanced Course Requirement

Students must complete four 4-credit advanced mathematics courses, at least two of which are at the graduate level.*

* Any mathematics course numbered 200 or above (excluding core courses) qualifies as an advanced mathematics course. Any mathematics course numbered 400 or above qualifies as a graduate level course. Graduate courses substituted in the core are not counted in the two towards the advanced requirement. For example, a student taking MTH 440 in place of MTH 240H must still take two graduate courses in addition to 440.

Independent Research Project

Students will work on an independent research project in either MTH 236H, MTH 240H, MTH 265H or one of their graduate courses with the agreement and under the close supervision of the instructor of the course.

Upon completion, students will submit a written report on the project to the department's Honors Committee and present a one-hour public talk at which the members of the committee are in attendance.

Grade Point Average Requirement

Students must complete the program with at least a 3.25 grade point average in order to qualify for the Honors BA in mathematics.

Upper Level Writing Requirement

The department believes that the ability to write coherently on a mathematical topic, in a way that is acceptable to the general mathematical community, is an essential part of a successful major in mathematics.

To satisfy the upper level writing requirement, students must pass two courses, which may be any of the following types: