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Graduate Student Jakub Vaith wins Bristol Myers Squibb Graduate Fellowship

October 20, 2022

Headshot of Jakub Vaith.Congratulations to Jakub Vaith, a 5th year PhD student in the Paradine group, for receiving a Bristol Myers Squibb Graduate Fellowship in Organic Chemistry for 2022-2023!

This prestigious fellowship is awarded to 4th and 5th year graduate students to recognize excellence in graduate research and education. Each awardee receives full stipend support for stipend as well as research funds and is invited to present their research in the BMS Chemistry Award Symposium in spring 2023. Jakub is being recognized for his research efforts in the development of unconventional ligands for palladium catalysis, which has led to the discovery of chemical reactions that provide efficient and broad access to nitrogen-containing cyclic molecules that are commonly found in medicinally relevant compounds.