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UR Chemistry's summer outreach with the Early Connection Opportunity (ECO) Program

August 10, 2018

Students in their lab coats
The ECO scholars experience their first chemistry laboratory at UR!

Each summer at the University of Rochester, a group of about 60 incoming undergraduate students participate in the Early Connection Opportunity program - a bridge program between high school and university that is designed to start students off in the right direction. Operating within the Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA), the program runs for four weeks, during which time the students live on campus and take a full course load to prepare them for their first semester at UR. For the past three years, the Chemistry Department has participated in this excellent program, with a chemistry lecture course being created and taught by graduate student Lauren VanGelder (Matson Group). The course content is structured to prepare the scholars for their UR general chemistry course; it consists of lecture four days of the week, workshops twice each week (lead by teaching assistants Shukree Abdul-Rashed and Jordan Andrews), and one laboratory experiment. As a result of the program, ECO scholars are well prepared to take on their undergraduate studies at UR.

Special thanks to Ken Simolo and Randi Shaw for providing lab coats and safety glasses to the scholars!


2018 ECO class
The full 2018 ECO Chemistry class along with the course instructor Lauren VanGelder (left).



ECO Chemistry Faculty: Lead instructor Lauren VanGelder (center), along with teaching assistants Shukree Abdul-Rashed (left) and Jordan Andrews (right)


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