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Graduate Program


The Rochester Department of Chemistry is a medium-sized department with internationally recognized research and a small student-to-faculty ratio. The department is a center for cutting-edge research, where graduate education focuses on instruction leading to a PhD.

We educate through research, with strong programs in the traditional areas of Organic, Inorganic and Physical chemistry, as well as in interdisciplinary areas such as:

  • Bioinorganic chemistry
  • Bioorganic
  • Biophysical
  • Chemical physics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Organometallic
  • Photochemistry

Collaboration between groups often leads to cross-disciplinary learning opportunities.

The department operates a wide variety of sophisticated research instrumentation, available 24 hours a day for use by students and faculty.

Financial Support

All PhD students in Chemistry receive stipends at a level competitive with other top research institutions, as well as full tuition waivers.

Numerous distinguished fellowships also exist within the department and the University that recognize excellence in graduate work and supplement the base level of support.

See our apply to Rochester page for more information.