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Undergraduate Program

Teaching Assistant

Supervised Teaching (BIO390) Courses

Supervised Teaching (BIO 390) courses allow undergraduate students to earn credit while gaining valuable teaching assistant (TA) experience in specific Biology courses.

Students interested in assistant teaching for credit must undergo an application process. Eligibility is based upon a student’s passion for the material and successful completion of the course for which they are applying. Apply online.

Duties of a BIO T.A. may include but are not limited to: leadership of recitation sections, workshops, study groups, review sessions, and demonstrations; aiding faculty in the preparation and grading of quizzes and exams; attending all classes and weekly meetings; and accessibility for additional assistance.

Faculty and teaching assistants must come a mutual understanding with respect to duties, credits, and criteria for evaluation in advance of registering for a BIO 390 course. BIO 390 courses can be taken for either two (2) or four (4) credits depending on assigned responsibilities. In general, students assisting with grading and leading two recitation sections or one lab section should take BIO 390 for 2 credits. Students taking on additional responsibilities, such as advising in research projects, leading two lab sections, serving as a head TA, or assisting with the development of a new lab course may receive 4 credits.

Limitations: Students may earn up to four (4) BIO 390 credits in total as an undergraduate. Credits earned from BIO 390 courses cannot be used to satisfy a requirement for a biological science major or minor. Letter grades must be assigned to all 390 courses at the end of each marking period and cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis. Teaching assistants cannot earn college credit and receive monetary compensation for the same course in one semester. Additionally, students may not receive CAS 352 credit if they are already registered for BIO 390 credit in the same course.

Students interested in assistant teaching for credit should talk with their instructor about this option.