Teaching Assistant

Supervised Teaching (BIOL 390a) Courses

Supervised Teaching (BIOL 390a) courses allow undergraduate students to earn credit while gaining valuable teaching assistant (TA) experience in specific Biology courses.

Students who want to TA for credit must register for the appropriate BIOL 390a course in UR Student. Eligibility is contingent on past completion of the course, their passion for the subject material, and availability.

Before registering for a BIOL 390a course, students and faculty must come to a mutual understanding regarding duties and criteria for an evaluation. 

Typical duties of a biology course T.A. may include but are not limited to: leadership of recitation sections, workshops, study groups, review sessions, and demonstrations; aiding faculty in the preparation and grading of quizzes and exams; attending all classes and weekly meetings; and accessibility for additional assistance.


Credit Limitations: Each BIOL 390a course is worth two credits. Students may take only one BIOL 390a ( 2 credits) per semester and a maximum of two BIOL 390 (4 credits) total. 

Supervised teaching credits may count for general college credit only. They do not apply to the requirements of biological science majors or minors. 

Only letter grades may be assigned to BIOL 390a courses and cannot be on a taken pass/fail basis.

Teaching assistants cannot earn college credit and monetary compensation for the same course in one semester.

Additionally, students may not receive CASC 352 credit if they register for BIOL 390a credit for the same course.

Students interested in assistant teaching for credit should talk with their instructor about this option.