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Faculty by Research Focus

Evolution, Ecology, Genetics, and Genomics

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Brisson, Jennifer

Assistant Professor | (585) 275-8392
310 Hutchison

Interests: Evolution of morphology; Molecular basis of phenotypic plasticity; Evolution and development in the pea aphid; The role of epigenetics in polyphenism

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Chen, Nancy

Assistant Professor
Coming July 2018!

Interests: Population genetics with pedigrees; Contemporary evolution in natural populations; Evolutionary genetics; Conservation genomics; Avian genomics

Professor Thomas H. Eickbush

Eickbush, Thomas H

Professor | (585) 275-7247
334A Hutchison

Interests: Molecular biology and evolution ; Integration of retrotransposable elements; Origin and evolution of mobile elements; Regulation of mRNA genes

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Fay, Justin

Associate Professor | (585) 275-2998
319 Hutchison

Interests: Evolution of gene regulation; Comparative genomics and domestication; Disease consequences of human evolution

James Fry

Fry, James D

Associate Professor | (585) 275-7835
318 Hutchison

Interests: Genetics of ecological adaptation in Drosophila; Evolutionary effects of deleterious mutations; Quantitative-genetic theory and methodology

John Jaenike

Jaenike, John

Professor | (585) 276-4594
484 Hutchison

Interests: Ecology and evolution of host-parasite interactions; Sex chromosome meiotic drive; Wolbachia as male killers and causes of reproductive isolation in Drosophila; Ecology of mycophagous Drosophila

 J. David Lambert

Lambert, J. David

Associate Professor | (585) 273-2482
344 Hutchison

Interests: The evolution of developmental mechanisms; Early patterning in molluscs and related groups; Cytoskeletal basis of asymmetric cell divisions; Evolution of novel phenotypes

Amanda Larracuente

Larracuente, Amanda

Assistant Professor | (585) 273-1693
343 Hutchison

Interests: Evolutionary genetics and genomics; Intragenomic conflict and the evolution of selfish DNA; Evolutionary and functional genomics of satellite DNA; Sex chromosome and dot chromosome evolution in Drosophila

Associate Research Professor Robert L. Minckley

Minckley, Robert L.

Senior Lecturer
Adjunct Assistant Professor | (585) 275-0272
446 Hutchison

Interests: Ecology and evolution of host breadth in bees; Community structure of desert bees; Conservation biology of pollinators

Allen Orr

Orr, H. Allen

University Professor
Shirley Cox Kearns Professor | (585) 275-3838
342 Hutchison

Interests: Genetics of speciation in Drosophila; Genetics and theory of adaptation; Population genetics

Daven C. Presgraves

Presgraves, Daven C.

Dean's Professor | (585) 275-0925
481 Hutchison

Interests: Evolutionary genetics ; Speciation genetics; Molecular population genetics; Selfish gene complexes

John H. Werren

Werren, John H.

Nathaniel & Helen Wisch Professor of Biology | (585) 275-3694
306 Hutchison

Interests: Evolutionary genetics; Microbial-host interactions with emphasis on Wolbachia in arthropods, genetics of speciation and evolution of development; Genetics, genomics and evolution of Parasitoids (e.g. Nasonia and relatives); The role of "selfish" or "parasitic" DNA in evolution