Adjunct Faculty and Visiting Artists


Jeff Adelberg

Cristina Angeles

Karen Boyer

J David Brimmer

Patricia Lewis Browne

Xandra Nur Clark

Emma Deane

Kate Duprey

Obadiah Eaves (URITP Master Artist) ***what's this?

Rodrigo Escalante

Oscar Escobedo

Mika Eubanks

Julian Evans

Anne Ford

Marcelo Martinez Garcia

Reenah Golden

Skip Greer

Olivia Vaughn Hern

Brigitt Markusfeld

Germán Martínez

Will Pomerantz

Seth Reiser

Josh Rice

Stephen Roessner

Tim Ryan

Daniel Spitaliere

Shawnda Urie

Steve Vaughan

Pia Wilson

Esther Winter

Emma Wiseman

Graham Zellers

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What's this?

In recognition of significant and ongoing artistic contributions and commitment to the University of Rochester International Theatre Program made by its guest artists, the Program has designated the following levels of artistic affiliation:

* Associate Artists: these are artists who have contributed to over five productions with the Program.

** Senior Artists: are those who have worked on ten or more productions at the University of Rochester.

*** Master Artists: have contributed to 15 or more productions at the UR International Theatre Program.

[Since, unfortunately, not all our archival records are up-to-date, if you fall into one of these categories and are not recognized on our web pages as such, please contact the Program and let us know.]